ACI 530.1 ASCE 6 TMS 602 PDF

Mortar. Mortar for use in masonry construction shall conform to ASTM C and Articles and A of TMS. /ACI /ASCE 6, except for mortars . Specifications for masonry structures: ACI /ASCE /TMS with ASTM references. Imprint: Detroit: American Concrete Institute, c 5/TMS , and its accompanying masonry specification, ACI /ASCE 6/TMS New provisions and revisions of existing standards for masonry design.

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All masonry walls, unless isolated on three edges from in-plane motion of the basic structural systems, shall be considered to be part of the seismic-force-resisting system. Do not connect other types of appliances. All welding shall conform to AWS D1. A hearth and fire chamber or similar prepared place in which a fire may be made and which is built in conjunction with a chimney. The firebox of a concrete or masonry fireplace shall have a minimum depth of 20 inches mm.

A field-constructed chimney of solid masonry units or stones. Flue liners shall be installed in accordance with ASTM C and extend from a point not less than 8 inches mm below the lowest inlet or, in the case of fireplaces, from the top of the smoke chamber, to a point above 62 enclosing walls. Provide such essential services as are normally supplied by the equipment while it is out of service; and. Xci epoxy-emulsion mortar and grout that are used to install ceramic tile shall comply with ANSI A Any chimney located beyond 50 feet 15 mm from such construction but not more than the distance determined from Equation and Table At the time of prestress, the compressive strength of the masonry shall equal or exceed f'[ mi ] which shall be less than hms equal to f'[ m ].

Tma approved chimney for removing the products of combustion from fuel-burning, medium-heat appliances adi combustion gases between ? Such requirements shall not dispense with or modify any additional requirements that may be applicable pursuant to rules of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. Continuity of all ties shall be ensured by providing lap, welded or mechanical tension splices.


Such blocks shall be erected with mortar and reinforcement in metal channel-type frames, structural frames, masonry or concrete recesses, embedded panel anchors as provided for both exterior and interior walls or other approved joint materials.

The use of empirical design of masonry shall be limited as noted in Section 5. Toothings shall be distributed uniformly throughout the wall, and shall aggregate in vertical cross-sectional area at least 15 percent of the total surface area of the lining.

A positive means shall be provided to prevent water from entering the ascs. The part of any wall entirely above the roofline.

Specifications for Masonry Structures (ACI 530.1-92/ ASCE 6-92/TMS 602-92)

The compressive strength of masonry shall be determined based on the strength of the unit and type of mortar specified using Table Masonry composed of roughly shaped stones laid without regularity of coursing but well-bonded and fitted together to form well-divided joints.

All spaces between fireplaces and floors and ceilings through which fireplaces pass shall be fireblocked with approved noncombustible material securely fastened in place. The minimum thickness of masonry bearing walls more than one story high shall be 8 inches mm where the height floor to floor does not exceed 12 feet mmthe floor live load does not exceed 60 pounds per square feet psf 0.

A horizontal grouted element within masonry ascce which reinforcement is embedded. The surfaces of units intended to be in contact with mortar shall be treated with a polyvinyl butyral coating or latex-based paint. Factory-built or masonry fireplaces covered in this section shall be equipped with an exterior air xci to ensure proper fuel combustion unless the room is mechanically 350.1 and controlled so that the indoor pressure is neutral or positive.

From adi 2 inches back or sides or 12 Add the following to Chapter Each column, pier and wall shall be vertically tied continuously from its lowest to highest level.


» N.Y. New York City Administrative Code C21 – – MasonryLawServer

Compliance with the requirement for the specified compressive strength of masonry, f'[ m ], shall be considered satisfied provided the modified compressive strength equals or exceeds the specified f'[ m ].

A quality assurance program shall be used to ensure that the constructed masonry is in compliance with the construction documents. All horizontal ties shall be terminated in a perpendicular horizontal tie. The Code covers the design and construction of masonry structures while the Specification is concerned with minimum construction requirements for masonry in structures.

Solid glass-block units shall be provided when required. Such notice shall be accompanied by plans indicating the manner in which the proposed alterations are to be made.

All corners of masonry parapet walls shall tjs reinforced with joint reinforcement or its equivalent at vertical intervals not greater than 12 inches mm. Masonry chimneys are permitted to be constructed as part of the masonry walls or concrete walls of the building.

Reclaimed units shall not be used.

International Concrete Abstracts Portal

The 6602 height of the smoke chamber from the fireplace throat to the beginning of the flue shall not be greater than the inside width of the fireplace opening. Strength of a member or cross section calculated in accordance with these provisions before application of any strength-reduction factors.

To determine the tightness of chimney construction, a smoke test shall be made in accordance with the following conditions and requirements:.

Stresses in the masonry under the new conditions shall not exceed the allowable stresses. The required development length of reinforcement shall be determined ai Equationbut shall not be less than 12 inches mm and need not be greater than 72 d[ b ].