I bought the Canopus ADVC and want to convert some old VHS Or also check the ASDVC manual in order to switch off Macrovision. Canopus advc media converter user manual. PDF If you pre-order for it, you would be contacted to set up an appointment with store and get the phone. Browse Canopus ADVC () Video Capture owner’s manuals, user guides, instructional help documents & operating information to learn more.

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Then the advc connected to the computer by firewire. I also tried the above basic approach in iMovie. I just got off the phone with a rep from grass valley, he said there isn’t much help available since it is a DC’d product. Then use something like Arvc-100 to grab the file as it comes in.

I’ve tried different RCA cables to rule out one of them could be the problem. Input Device Input Adapter Type.

Canopus ADVC 100 – video input adapter – FireWire Series

I’ve tried quicktime, iMovie, and FCE. Reread the downloaded manual.

Dec 22, 5: Neither of these soulutions have any real progress yet. I have no problem with Ulead capture softwares as mention above.

TV and Movies by Joan E.

I must have plugged in FW at some point and fried it where a signal doesn’t go through but it is still recognized, or something odd like that. If you need preview video, check manial the tools section for other DV “capture” apps. I found my old Hi-8 mm video recorder.


It has been two years since I last used it, so who knows what has transpired. Tape in, verify it is running on the TV fine. Dec 21, 7: Standard, Standard, Standard, Standard.

canpous ADVC “how to” instructions? – VideoHelp Forum

I’ve made sure to not connect more than one option at a time so as to not create conflict. Only contains out, no input on the VCR. I’m beginning to wonder if this box has gone bad sitting here for so long unused. Don’t cut the cord on cable like a rookie The 3: Quicktime pops open a window that remains blue and indicates it is ready to record. All replies Drop Down menu. Contact Us VideoHelp Top. Time passes and I’ve since upgrded to a the latest macbook pro.

I’ve confirmed there are no other sound outputs with a jack inserted. Do not connect any other FW devices to your Mac at the same time for example an external FW hard drive. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Canopus ADVC – video input adapter – FireWire Overview – CNET

How to record anything on your screen using th Then took the VHS and imported ,anual into my computer with this current setup. So frustrating I verified under system stuff that the firewire is seeing the FW connection, which it is.


I have tried everything suggested. I’ve tried two different VCR’s and the Hi-8 mm camcorder. The later must have timecode whereas the converter manhal does not.

Hope is the trap the world sets for you every night when you go to sleep and the only reason you have to get up in the morning is the hope that this day, things will get better Dec 22, 7: Good luck, if you can make the ieee connection on the vcr work, you will rule! Mobile by Shara Tibken Dec 6, I’ve tried two different FW cables not at the same time to two different FW inputs.

Also might try the demo of EditStudio also in the tools section. That doesn’t work, so I tried the S-video out from all 3 devices. I have about troubleshooted myself to death on this topic. Video Input Analog Video Format. I’ve carefully follwed the manual and manua, post above. I recall having some of these problems in the past.