Results 1 – 23 of 23 Abdeckung; Abtropfschale Schale drip tray; Anleitung Bedienungsanleitung . Drip Pan Tray Drip tray under tray drawer AEG Caffe Perfetto. Results 1 – 17 of 17 Set Jar Coffee Set Cup Bowl Pulp Container Jura AEG Krups. £ Coffee Grounds Drawer Tray Container AEG Caffe Perfetto cp Click here to go to download AEG-ELECTROLUX CAFEPERFETTOCP Coffee maker for free. PDF Download manual now – for free Coffee maker AEG -ELECTROLUX CAFEPERFETTOCP Model, CAFE PERFETTO CP CAFAMOSA · Coffee maker AEG-ELECTROLUX CAFFE SILENZIO CS

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In the event of a power failure or interruption, the program must be restarted!. Hot water or steam output can cause scalding.


This would damage the grinder. Keep both keys pressed for around 3 seconds, until the coffee machine switches off for a short time, and then bedjenungsanleitung back on with the factory settings.

Do not use any abrasive, scour- ing or corrosive cleaning materials. Before putting beans into perfwtto coffee machine for the first time, you can set the grinding texture once with the grinder stationary. Grinding, portioning, pressing, pre-brewing, brewing, ejec- tion of the coffee grounds. Main page Brands Categories Search. Clean the steam nozzle, see page Download the complete user guide Ko.

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The switch-off times are indicated as follows: Clean the frothing aid, see page Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and elec- tronic equipment.

  EDAC 519 PDF

German is now programmed. Damage caused by for- eign bodies in the berienungsanleitung is excluded from the guarantee. The air intake opening under the seal must not become blocked.

Ersatzteile für Kaffeevollautomaten

Never switch the coffee machine on, when you are working on the grinder. More than 3, brewing cycles per year is understood as commercial use. Froth the milk to at least twice its volume. These measures can be individually changed to your own taste and saved for each cup bedienungsanelitung.

Switch the appliance on and wait until it is in the base position. The ground coffee filler is not a storage container. The cleaning cycles are counted off in the display.

You can choose between five switch- off times automatic switch-off after 1 to 5 hours: The coffee-making unit is located behind the service cover Fig.

You can change this setting as follows: The two strainers cafe now readily accessible, and the ejector lever drops down. Keep both keys pressed for around 1 second, until only one of the switch-off time indicators is illuminated.

Clear the bean container lock of coffee bean residue. You can change this set- ting as follows: You can use the included test card to determine the water hardness, or contact your local water supply company. The bottom line in the display indicates the selected cof- fee quantity. Repairs to electrical appliances must be carried out only by qualified service engineers.


This can be done at any time, but must be done when the red Drip tray float Fig. The clean- ing program starts. If necessary, have the coffee machine checked by the Customer Service Centre. Make sure that no ground coffee has remained in the filler, and that no foreign bodies enter the filler. The coffee machine is now ready to use. You can obtain descaling tablets from hedienungsanleitung cialist retailers E-No.

The original cleaning tablets and descalant are obtainable direct from us. Push the latching lever up. Original packaging including expanded foam must be retained. Emergency cut-out You can place the machine out bedienngsanleitung action immediately at any time.

Take care not to immerse the steam nozzle in the milk far enough to cover the air intake opening at the top of the steam nozzle. Bedienuhgsanleitung from dried milk residues in bediennugsanleitung steam nozzle. You can also display the cup measures programmed for the three cup sizes. Do not use any abrasive, scourease of movement of the height ing or corrosive cleaning materials. If this file was helpful. Coffee preparation is inter- 5.

Then reclose the lid.