Contents. Editor’s Preface .vii. Foreword Rooting Out. The Sutta Introduction The Buddha’s Word: Beginning The Sutta Mistaking body for self. Why body is not self. Jīva attā and parama attā. between incarnations of mind. The link then is karmic, not essential. The Anattalakkhana Sutta is a document from the Pali canon of Buddhist scriptures in which.

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Anattalakkhana Sutta – The Second Discourse – The Zen Universe

There, he addressed the group of five bhikkhus: This is my atta? Being disenchanted, he becomes dispassionate.

Through dispassion, he is liberated. Delighted, the group of five bhikkhus was pleased by his words. At the end of the discourse, however, they became arhats.

With the awakening of the five monks, the noble sangha is established and the Dispensation begins: The first is that we are merely the five aggregates, and none of these aggregates can come under our control avasa,vattita. If anything is to be regarded as our self, we should be able to willfully control it, but this is not the case.


We only have the delusion that we are in control, or desire to be in control, but in reality, we are blindly led on by our latent tendencies.

The second argument against the self-notion is in connection with the three characteristics: Not-self is demonstrated on the basis of the other two characteristics, impermanence and suffering. A fuller analysis of this not-self doctrine is given in the Cula Saccaka Sutta.

The link then is karmic, not essential. The Anattalakkhana Sutta is anwttalakkhana document from the Pali canon of Buddhist scriptures in which the Buddha argues for this idea.

Anattalakkhana Sutta

The Bodhisattva Vow by Kosho Uchiyama. What is it like to live at a Pele at the temple.

A photo posted by doshin thezenuniverse on May 15, at 2: About Contact Glossary Resources. Anattalakkhana SuttaThe Second Discourse.

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