Andhra telugu recipes,Telugu Vantalu from Andhra,Coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema and style cooking recipes that are vegetarian, chicken and. Indian Recipes, Andhra Recipes, Telugu Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Indian Andhra Telugu Vantalu Bhojan Kitchen Ruchulu Jain Brahmin Khana. Andhra Recipes- If there was ever a competition for cooking up the fieriest delicacies, a native of Andhra Pradesh or Telangana would certainly.

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Their display would be average in looks. How to make curd rice, Andhra vantalu for Ugadi telugu new year festival.

Its curry based delicacies are known as koora whereas when deep-fried and reduced to a thicker consistency it transforms into vepudu.

11 Best Andhra (Telugu) Recipes | Popular Andhra Recipes

A lot of cooking is done with millets. Deep fried crispy bhindi is tossed in a home-made masala teugu exotic spices, coconut and garlic. Gutti dondakaya recipe, a delicious Andhra style stuffed tindora ivy gourd. I have consciously chosen to give my video narration is in Telugu and at the same time provide text of the recipe in English.

My target group were students, bachelors, forced bachelors, newly married etc.

Andhra Recipes Telugu Vantalu Gayatri Vantillu

It would be nice if you BLOG your outcomes on the recipes you attempted. The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana has truckloads to offer, its wide range of snacks and savouries like pakodas. These recipes are cooked in my ordinary kitchen. Most effective app for beginners to help them speak English more fluently. Please rate this app if you like. In short, language in the videos shouldn’t be a barrier to understand what I want to convey through my videos.


Dominated by the presence of rice in almost all its meals, the state is home to the fiery Guntur red chili which is widely used to add sparks to its cuisine. The gadgets are functionally oriented rather than fashionable. If you have succeededlet others know – so that vantaluu can confidently try that recipe.

Cooking Simplified is Fun!!!

Vantau here to see more details. A perfect lunch recipe that is quick, easy and fuss-free. My Mother and Mother-in-law who continue to giving me tips on cooking Smt Tulasi should find a place here because she has given me the Tati pallu and similarly Smt Prabha and her in-laws who have given me Farm bonfire Roasted Tegalu.

Also known as Andhra Kodi Kura, this chicken curry recipe is full of delectable flavours. Made with sorrel leaves, this one is a real crowd pleaser. Telguu videos lack the luster of costly cut-glass and ceramic ware under arc-lamps.

Category: Andhra Recipes

The non-vegetarian platter has aandhra delightful mix of seafoodmeat and eggs cooked in fiery spices and often teamed with vegetables like eggplant. Emphasis of my video would be more on the recipe content, exact measurements of ingredientsprocess involved etc. Wheat rava idli recipe, an easy, healthy steamed cake made with broken wheat or samba wheat.

How to make stuffed eggplant. Interestingly, the two states are quite diverse yet much similar in their style of cooking. My husband for his website maintenance and my son for his software and sndhra support Last but not the least – My viewers whose support constantly kept me motivated and made me YouTube Top Chef andyra Crispy Andhra Bhindi Deep fried crispy bhindi is tossed in a relugu masala of exotic spices, coconut and garlic.


When in Hyderabad, one should not miss out on the exquisite kebabsHaleem thick stew made of meat, lentils and wheat and the famous Hyderabadi Biryani. Spicy chicken curry recipe, a favorite in our home is one of best Indian chicken curry recipes you can vvantalu make. This flavourful and delicious gastronomic wonder is a treat to relish on and is often cooked for dinner parties in north Indian kitchens.

All English Stories at one place in different categories. From piquant picklestangy chutneys to sensational pachadisthese can be stored and consumed all-round the year.

బెల్లం అట్టు -Indian Recipes,Telugu Recipes in andhra,vantalu,Indian andhra – video dailymotion

Do physical exercise everyday to be healthy. For more details you may like to read “Why My Videos are in Telugu? This dish is distinguished as the spiciest of all! Acknowledgement I had the youngsters in mind when I launched Gayatrivantillu. Use the A-Z List to vantlu a Recipe of your choice.

Learn how to make bombay chutney recipe with tomato andhra style.

While talking of Andhra cuisine, it is important to keep the split of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in mind. During this visit you enjoy the status of “Atidhi Devo Bhava”. Through this method, I am able to carry the camera with my left hand, right into the frying pan, andra the right hand is busy cooking.

It was once one of the epicenters of royal Nawab families and therefore exhibits a royal spread of mouthwatering Mughlai food. A traditional dessert, mostly made during Telugu festivals.