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So, using the work already done on the back as a starting point, I thought of a way to continue using the same style. Since he wanted the woman to maintain a certain lightness and sensuality, the armour too was discarded.

Today I was hoping to be able to finish the sea and sky but after approx.

Tattooing A to Z # Gian Maurizio Fercioni | Tattoo Life

A good result all the same, at this pace we may be able to finish it ahead italiaji schedule. The following sessions were dedicated to the colouring process obtaining unhoped-for results each time, although my optimism was ridiculed session after session.

D Look at the images of the working tatkatori below. Anyhow, the work turned out to be a success and he is happy with the end result which required 10 additional sessions for an average of approx. Tattoo Life uses cookies to help give you the best experience we can. But personally I found the idea of the classical anthropomorphic demon to be old and unoriginal. Congratulations to this guy for having sat through all the sessions without blinking. So, gritting his teeth and taking some breaks, we spent the following 4 hours doing the outlines.

And how can we forget the explosion of tribal tattoos on the neck after seeing George Clooney boast one in the movie ” From Dusk Till Dawn “?! Recommended Products Check items to add to the cart or select all.


In my design one is the head, one is the belly and one is the arms. The customer is now already thinking about some additions, something that happens often, reason why I always recommend that you carefully plan the tattoo from the very beginning. I’m greatly honored to have my work published in the portfolio section of this issue of Skeen Deep probably one of the best selling tattoo magazines in the world: Once again, after working without any problems, at the stroke of the third hour his pain tolerance abandoned us.

To me it was a shock, after spending precious time with my clients I always expect our conversations to clarify their thoughts about the tattoo world, about the way I work and enhance their aesthetic sense, but maybe I shouldn’t tauatori many things for granted. The idea behind this column on our blog is to publish a sort of guide in the tattoo history, a tribute to the tattoo masters of the past, listed in alphabetical order: He eventually suggested a Joker, one of my all time favourite subjects.

I wish I could have worked on this piece for at least a couple of sessions, but that was unthinkable just a few days before my departure. In the 5th and 6th session I finally dedicated myself to the woman’s face.

Manulibera: tatuaggi giapponesi a Milano | Tattoo Life

The annuairo is still good for a tattoo done in 4: The bats go well with the tattoo already present on the inner forearm, which looks like something that could very well turn into a bat. From those elements I would have worked on something completely new.


I tried to quickly revisit the design, I flipped the stencil, I did several tests but it was all for nothing.

After taking a few minutes tatuatoti relax and taking a good look at the design it was clear that there was no way to fix it without having to redraw the Hatter, with the consequent risk of distorting it. This caused me considerable doubts.

Tattooing A to Z #16: Gian Maurizio Fercioni

In autumn, however, my client returned and asked me to extend the biomechanical up to his chest. This is the title of TrueArtists. My clients really love the sea apparently: This is the easiest way to evaluate and exploit the contrast of the old tattoo in favour of the new design and it is roughly znnuario same technique I use for all my biomechanicals, even when cover-ups are not involved.

Facciamoci raccontare esattamente come…. It is a tatutaori of mind or, for those who believe, a state of the soul, and that almost nebulous composition was my interpretation thereof. What do you see in your future as a tattoo artist? This Fan Art started out as a sketch to test and organize my digital brushes, but I found myself immersed in the image without being able to stop retouching every little detail.