Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for Bird-Watching-In-Lion- Bird Watching In Lion Country by Dirk Du Toit. Reviews for BWILC by Dirk Du Toit at By traders, for traders. Hi: Does anyone have any experience with or opinions about the book [U] Birdwatching in Lion Country[/U] by Dirk du Toit? Other than the.

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Each repetition of a topic or a subject is subtly different. If I wwtching stating the obvious then you will be surprised to know how many people have never properly absorbed the implications of this simple fact.

You need to understand this. But what they are in fact doing is not basing their entire trading strategy on five minute graphs. For this principle to translate into successful trading it should begin to become dr.diri that you need time. He took a view against the dollar in the beginning of the 21st century.

Part 3 And all that Jazz Lets examine briefly what this means. The idea is very attractive, so I started to research further on which instruments to trade, equities, options or forex?

I looked it up and even though the book did not fully answer all the problems I faced trading, I believe it more or less gave me the tpit that I should be looking at the bigger picture here. As you can see, this person almost spent a year with really no progress. If you want to get a better understanding of Dirk du Toit’s outlook on forex trading then it is worthwhile reading his various newsletters, which gives a taster of the sort of information that is talked about in the book.

An edge is the conscious choice not to overcomplicate an already complex matter. This edging towards destruction is often accompanied by higher gearing and tighter stop losses. Dirk does not call it “fundamentals”, but “market dynamics” – and it is all about getting in tune with how the market discounts, which is IMPORTANT and stuff the rest information and how that shows up in prices.


The radical changes caused by the dr.dork of real-time information are also not properly discounted, especially in new markets such as the retail spot forex market.

Bird Watching In Lion Country By Dr Dirk Du Toit

Run your profits, cut your losses. They can almost make out a shape. It has to do with perspective. Fooled by Randomness2 is the story of a trader cohntry knew how little he actually knew. And your formula probably looks a bit like this: I agree – technical analysis for dummies was also really good in my opinion – not just for dummies, for clever people too I think.

Dirk du Toit’s Bird Watching in Lion Country

My approach is discretionary. Any other comments on this book? This report is not intended for use as a source of legal or accounting advice. I knew the market was going to take their money.

Today these lot sizes have shrunk to the counyry where it is feasible to start trading with relatively small but not undercapitalized margin accounts. I intend applying the general principles applicable to all markets with special consideration of the currency market.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Positions need time to mature and you cant expect them always to be in the money minutes, hours or sometimes even days after you have entered a trade.

Part 4 The Edge is about identifying the edges you have and looking at sensible ways of increasing these advantages. Unsuccessful trading can result from factors that drd.irk nothing to do with the market. But the disadvantage with this is when I do get a good trade, I made less. Then he calls one which goes against him. I was trading my system successfully but more often than not I couldnt seem to transfer the know-how to some of my students. If you are looking at price changes every five or fifteen minutes the degree of randomness is very high and your probability of anticipating the next correct price movement, or series of price movements, is very low.


Bird Watching in the Lion Country – [PDF Document]

This book is only in a very limited sense a goal in itself. I was told that real professional traders do not use indicators because they are laggards. Another hitand-run on the currency highway of death. I also think that I need to immerse myself in this totally new financial world by watching news like Bloomberg to get a feel for everything. Perspective, the word, means a way of regarding situations, facts and judging their relative importance.

A blind man cant lead another blind man. So my final opinion is trading is not any riskier than starting a new business.

This book is one of those options. Somehow I am still getting caught in the headlights. I do use technical analysis, it is a valuable tool, but you have foit understand what you are doing and why certain aspects of technical analysis and technical indicators are not suitable for short term currency trading.

Who would have thought a deep connection exists between mass and energy?