Mary Buffett and David Clark look at stocks in Warren’s portfolio as the basis for books in Buffett and Clark’s successful series—Buffettology, The Buffettology. David said: A beginners guide to value investing21 April I just clicked on Mary Buffett’s name on David Clark Mary Buffett, former daughter-in-law of this legendary financial genius and a succes In the world of investing, the name. The new Buffettology: the proven techniques for investing successfully in Warren Buffett the world’s most famous investor / Mary Buffett and David Clark. p. cm.

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Aug 28, Bill rated it it was ok.

Lessons from Buffettology (Summary)

In the end if that company collapses in a heap of debt, then in that piece of paper or the representation of that piece of paper is absolutely worthless. He is presently writing Berkshire Hathaway: It is not difficult to see why, because retained earnings is the money that a company can reinvest into the company for future growth, and the return on equity determines to a large extend the extra income that will be generated from these investments.

For the casual reader though, its the first half which is interesting as it provides an insight into the mind of the world’s most successful investor. The issue that I had with this book was, well, first of all it suggested that I wanted to be a billionaire, which, well, I don’t because, well, I really do not think that having lots of money is really going to make my life any better though having money would be a benefit because it means that I could quit my job and then go back to university and self-fund my way through it, which at this stage I cannot.

Mary Buffett – Books For Sale

Don’t think that you can pick stocks like buffet by reading this. My copy never leaves my desk. In other words, insurance companies are sitting on a pile of idle cash, waiting to be paid out if necessary. Refresh and try again. Scribner September Length: Jan 16, Tenio Latev rated it it was amazing. Mary Buffett, former daughter-in-law of this legendary financial genius and a succes In the world of investing, the name Warren Buffett is synonymous with success and prosperity.


The Tao of Warren Buffett inspires, amuses, sharpens the mind, and offers priceless investment savvy that anyone can take to the bank. I’m a real warren buffet fan, I mean who in finance isn’t, and reading about his personal life and how he brought that over into his family was really fun to read. Every businessman should read this book. The other issue that I have with the book was the calculations that were being put forward, and these were using a term call ‘future value’ which is a vague figure at some point in the future which only comes about through predictions and speculations.

However, it might be even more useful to determine your preferred annual return, and then calculate at what price you have to purchase a stock to actually have a chance of earning that return. This book was more of a biographical, philosophical and motivational genre for me.

In a Forbes article, which the book quotes, Charlie Munger summarized Berkshire Hathaway’s strategy as follows:. Warren Buffett did not have such a sum of money himself, so he decided to use the money of others instead!

But once you do these things, you can be well on your way to becoming quite wealthy — in 30 or so years. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. Nov 25, Douglass Gaking rated it really liked it Shelves: The key realization was that if you only focus on getting something for the cheapest possible price, you will end up with crappy companies in your portfolio which never realize their value, or even worse, see their value decline over time, because many of these cheap companies are cheap for a good reason!

Buffett was a student of Benjamin Graham, and has earned a place in the top 3 richest people on earth by applying sound value investing principles. This is the first book on Buffett that I read, it is highly educational, together with Warren Buffett’s own words of wisdom Berkshire Hathaway shareholders letters that are available free online, it gives you an introduction to how Warren Buffett thinks.

This sounds more difficult than it really is. Warren Buffett’s value investing strategies make money.

If you are looking for some ground-breaking Buffett investment revelation in this book, you’ll be disappointed. Why and When He Is Investing in Them Bestselling authors Mary Buffett and David Clark examine seventeen companies that Warren Buffett has bought for himself and for his holding company, Berkshire Bby, as durable investments and explain why these companies are once again selling at prices that offer great long-term growth prospects. Saw on multiple articles and heard on my podcast that this book was one of the books you should read if you’re an investor.


The New Buffettology

But he was a very good writer and a very good teacher and a brilliant man, one of the only intellectuals — probably the only intellectual — in the investing business at the time. In this case it might be helpful to know that I work at a stockmarket-helpdesk for independent investors of one of the biggest banks in The Netherlands. I hope to see you on the inside! Preview — Buffettology by Mary Buffett. Contradictory ideas are not explained. Just read and learn my friend. There are a lot of theories that abound as to how the market works, and my theory is basically that it doesn’t.

I gave a generous 3 stars because I amry hearing the stories of Warren when he was younger. Intro to discounted price of future earnings. Open Preview See a Problem?

Lessons from Buffettology (Summary)

At least, until Buffett’s brilliant business partner Charlie Munger convinced him that it is more important to buy a good business than a cheap business. You may not learn much of anything by reading this unless you have little knowledge of business, but it is somewhat entertaining. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! His strategy is not so much to “pick stock” but to search for and invest in excellent companies whose intrinsic value and potential earnings he can reasonably predict through a series of steps we learn about throughout the book.

No-one ever went broke selling at a profit.

Nevertheless, this book had some impact on me. In this regard, and almost every other, the book was a miserable failure.

Nov 22, Darius rated it did not like it Shelves: