Regulations revised during Publications Reengineering are available on the Regulations for Preview page for 30 days prior to their effective date. USAF-style uniform standards in the prior CAPM are re-stated to match the most uniforms are authorized for these members (reference CAPR ). All senior members must be screened in accordance with CAPM and undergo Cadet Protection Program Training (CPPT) before working with cadets.

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Manages and directs emergency services activities. Prepare and authenticate administrative authorizations. Evaluate aircrew techniques and ability using appropriate publications and checklists. Select personnel to fill authorized staff cpm and remove from staff position those members deemed unqualified or otherwise unsuitable to continue in their positions. Know the structure of the CAP professional development program and senior member activities.

Administer written examinations and document flight evaluation checks.

Transportation matters 76, 77 series. Establishing and conducting an oral history program. Monitor funds and property used for senior member programs. Ensure that all vehicles are licensed and insured and those drivers are qualified and licensed to operate the vehicles. Coordinate with senior staff. Maintain unit training records. Promote an understanding and appreciation of CAP in the local community. Coordinate airlift requirements with operations officer.


Responsible for all matters pertaining to supply. Maintain an adequate stock of applicable forms. Maintain first aid kits for medical emergencies.

Assists and advises the commander in developing the overall accident prevention program. Perform spot evaluation checks as appropriate. Implementation of higher headquarters directives. Assists the ES Officer in managing and directing disaster preparedness calm.

Civil Air Patrol

Generally advise commanders and unit personnel on preventive medicine matters relevant to CAP activities. The logistics officer should be xapm with dapm CAP directives in the series indicated below: Coordinate to assure attainment of cadet program objectives and adherence to cadet program directives. Issuing bibliographies, catalogs, indices, and abstracts containing information relative to publications relating to CAP history.

Report bloodborne pathogen exposures and ensure that those members exposed obtain appropriate follow-up medical care from non-CAP sources. Ensure the SAR training program is adequate. Supplies and equipment for unit missions or special activities.

Bowling – 16 March, Supply matters 67 series. Direction and supervision of cadet staff. Assist cappm unit safety officer in conducting investigations. Aircraft maintenance 66 series.

Establish requirements and track acquisition and disposition of communication equipment in coordination with logistics. Develop necessary operations policies and procedures to ensure mission accomplishment and to provide adequate guidance to subordinate personnel and units. Ensure proper wear of the uniform and that violations are promptly corrected.

The Squadron Recruiting Officer formulates plans and establishes policies, procedures and programs designed to assist CAP in attracting new members and retaining current members.


Conduct evaluation of check pilot program in subordinate units. The Squadron Recruiting Officer needs to work with a wide variety of staff officers to be effective.

Advise the commander on status of logistics programs and establish logistics policies. Commands the cadet squadron and performs duties related to cadet positions.

Civil Air Patrol Job Description. – Union County Civil Air Patrol

Develop agreements with agencies responsible for search, domestic emergencies, and civil defense. Maintain appropriate records on location of all vehicles.

Exercises staff supervision and coordination of all aircraft maintenance.

Membership records and applications. CAPR E Maintain a unit training library. Coordinate the activities of staff acpm to prevent overlapping of functions and to resolve conflicts. Be responsible for effecting distribution and recovery of property in coordination with the transportation officer. Establish reporting procedures to determine the success of operations programs.

Cadet joining the National Guard : Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol Job Description. Color Guard-Battle of the Bands. Know directives applicable to professional development programs. Don’t forget to get the Cadet Structure involved.

Leadership techniques and activities.