Buy The Carhullan Army by Sarah Hall from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. Winner of the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize England is in a state of environmental and economic crisis. Under the repressive regime of The Authority, citizens have . The Carhullan Army, By Sarah Hall. Gun-toting Amazons make a last stand for freedom in this futuristic fable. Reviewed by Rachel Hore.

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The Carhullan Army: a near-future struggle that feels all too close

At the end of the book, though, it was too abrupt. But she made a point of maintaining a bond. Even a farm in remote northern England with a bunch of rebel farmer women. Hall is unflinching, yet sensitive, in her anatomisation of the psychology of survival, but crahullan draws back from describing bigger events, in this case the final climactic battle, skipping straight to its aftermath instead.

Daughters of the North

The woman we know only as Sister decides to leave her husband in her home in war-ravaged Britain, deciding to no longer live under the eye of The Authority and their oppressive regime and mandatory contraceptive devices. But view spoiler [ the military training is completely ridiculous. It brought a gentle ache to my chest to have her hug me at the end of a dinner carhullan and then walk away to carhullam bed, or rest a hand on my shoulder and ask if I was faring OK when she saw my cuts and bruises, my newly shaved head…Shruti held back, as I did.

That weather changes could be purposefully exploited to take advantage of people.

I still look forward to reading her fourth book, however. There was not a soul to be found and I liked it. I could have done without the sex, the bitchiness, the emotional baggage, carhuolan had more of the practical survival skills and developing relationship between the main characters.

There were brambles everywhere, but the fruit looked black and tiny, as if it had ripened too arjy and too small and then shrivelled away. How would that training, that experience, change them?


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Run by the charismatic ex-soldier Jackie, the farm is a women-only haven for those who want to live a more democratic, hands-on life. I live in the area.

As she trudges up the fells in the rain, Hall offers a portrait of the landscape of her atmy. The general standard of the prose was poor and inconsistent, the characterisation was very spotty and lacking in all of the important places, and the plot and background were unconvincing at best. An authoritarian government has destroyed all democratic institutions and imposed a year national recovery plan.

I was not its sterile subject.

The Carhullan Army: a near-future struggle that feels all too close | Books | The Guardian

Even on the Beacon Hill above Rith I could see people moving in the streets and I knew they were close by. Feb 08, Rose rated it liked it Shelves: Jun 20, Althea Ann rated it liked it. Nevertheless, quite enjoyable stuff. I also liked the way the love between her and another person in the commune, Shruti, is depicted. The writing is grounded, and the subject matter appears nearly tailor made for me. I just wish that “what needs to be done” was a bit more of the story than the author wrote.

I went and got the book, but postponed reading it for later. Here, the narrative is sparer and the world-building much less sophisticated than in The Power.

What is worth fighting for? Mar 20, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: The final page of the book has enough punch to it that, as expected and manipulative as it was, I couldn’t help but feel a tad breathless. The book suffers from poor pacing – despite its short length it can be a real slog at times – and never manages to properly develop its characters; they’re never more amy stand-ins for armg author’s ideas and concepts that she wanted to present.

Sarah Hall currently lives in North Carolina. A complete edition of John James Carhu,lan world famous The Birds of America, bound in linen and beautifully presented in a special slipcase.


Along the way, civil society has disintegrated and democracy has been replaced ccarhullan a totalitarian regime known only as the Authority, which has imposed strict control on the population under the disguise of a recovery plan – population is made to live in communal housing in isolated communities, where electricity and food are rationed; women are forced to wear coils to prevent reproduction.

The ‘army’ ar I’m totally out of my depth here as the subject matter isn’t what attracted me to the book. I read quite a bit of dystopian fiction and neither writing nor characterisation struck me as cqrhullan here. The Carhullan Army are a group of renegade women who live in a self-sustaining farm, far beyond the reach of the totalitarian Authority that has taken over the UK. Her latest novel is How to Paint a Dead Man Neither are shown as lovely options.

She joins the elite commando unit in its ever more violent and masochistic struggle to enter the “fresh red field” in whose “rich soil were growing all the flowers of war that history xrmy never let us gather”. Sep 19, Wealhtheow rated it it was ok Recommended to Wealhtheow by: But before the crisis started, before the floods, before her marriage – where were the women in xrmy life? Of course it was more exciting to hear about Carhhllan training at Carhullan than to get lengthy exposition about how exactly England has been flooded.

She’s also heard that sometimes supply trains get raided by unofficials and the citizens are regularly told “Nothing to see here. It’s an amazing book. And this carhullzn where we meet our heroine, codenamed Sister, crammed into a terrace flat with another family and stuck in a loveless marriage.