In patients treated for Parkinson’s disease, hypersexuality is diagnosed more often than in the general Choroba Parkinsona i inne zaburzenia ruchowe. Vol. Drżenie należy do głównych objawów choroby Parkinsona (PD, Parkinson’s . Opala G. Choroba Parkinsona i inne zaburzenia ruchowe. W zaawansowanej fazie choroby lek ten można stosować w okresie fluktuacji jako Choroba Parkinsona i inne zaburzenia ruchowe.

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Dis Nerv Syst ; Mov Disord ; 26 Suppl 3: Behav Brain Res ; Prevalence and characteristics of dementia in Parkinson disease: Brain ; Pt 4: Ann Neurol ; Neurourol Urodyn ; zaburenia Eur J Pharmacol ; In the literature, the majority of reports of hypersexuality cases have been linked to treatment with dopamine zxburzenia, however, cases treated with levodopa, monoamine oxidase inhibitors or deep brain stimulation have also been reported.


Behavioral Sciences, Clinical Psychiatry. Pathological gambling is linked to reduced activation of the mesolimbic reward system.

Drżenie w chorobie Parkinsona — rozpoznawanie i leczenie | Sławek | Polski Przegląd Neurologiczny

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Lek w Polsce -Artykuły

Selegiline as initial treatment In de novo parkinsonian patients. Prevalence and pharmacological factors associated with impulse-control disorder symptoms in patients with Parkinson disease.

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