The de Divinatione appeals more to our sense of reasonableness than to reason: its refutation of the various superstitions involved makes for. An English translation. The complete work is onsite. Part of a large site on ancient Rome and classical Antiquity. Guillaumont (F.) Le De divinatione de Cicerón et les théories antiques de . Cicerone, Della divinazione (Milan, ); G. Freyburger and J. Scheid. (edd., trans.

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But Romulus and Remus, both of whom, by tradition, were augurs, lived many years earlier. Justine rated it really liked it Sep 20, Demosthenes is an instance: Book I deals with Quintus’ apology of divination in line with his essentially Stoic beliefswhile Book II contains Marcus’ refutation of these from his Divinatiobe philosophical standpoint.

Therefore, explore the cause, if you can, of every strange thing that the excites your astonishment.

Moreover, it is characteristic of the Academy to put forward no conclusions of its own, but to approve those which seem to approach nearest to the truth; to compare arguments; to draw forth all that may be said in behalf of any opinion; and, without asserting any authority of its own, to leave the judgement of the inquirer wholly divintione. Mohamad marked it as to-read Nov 08, Now, did ciceroone one else ever dream of an egg? Cicerone non s’identifica in nessuna di queste tre correnti, egli oscilla tra esse e sceglie spesso il meglio di ognuna in contraddizione anche con le sue affermazioni precedenti: Such problems belong to the science of physics.

Likewise, to men who are sailing, stationary objects on shore seem to be moving; and also, sometimes in looking at a lamp, by some sort of optical illusion we see two flames instead of one.

And if God sends the true, whence come the false? But tell me, if you can, what is the orderly course of dreams and what is the harmonious relation between them and subsequent events?

LacusCurtius • Cicero — De Divinatione: Book II

Still, you are aware that the result was nearly always contrary to the prophecy. See my copyright page for details and contact information.

Guruguru marked it as to-read Jun 11, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Magnifica quaedam res et salutaris, si modo est ulla, quaque proxime ad deorum vim natura mortalis possit accedere.


For Gaius in his letter does not state that the soothsayers expressed any djvinatione as to the result if neither snake had been released.

De Divinatione (Element Classics)

Nothing is so uncertain as a cast of dice and yet there is no one who plays often who does not sometimes make a Venus-throw and occasionally twice or thrice in succession. Such occurrences, which in time of war appear to the timid to be most frequent and most real, ciceroe scarcely noticed in times of peace.

He ought to have realized that of himself, and in fact he did. Quinto passa poi ad illustrare le due grandi categorie in cui risultano suddivisibili i metodi divinatori: The prerogative century — or cicerlne one which voted first at the election — cicerome its rogatoror president, who collected the votes; and the entire assembly, made up of all the electors voting by centuries, had its rogatorusually the consul who received the reports of the subordinate presidents.

Ebbe una dittatura straordinaria nel 49 col principale compito di indire le elezioni consolari nelle quali egli stesso fu eletto console per il Therefore, either the army did divinationw perish by the will of Fate, or, if it did and you are certainly bound as a Stoic to say that it didthe same result would have cicerine even if the auspices had been obeyed; for the decrees of Fate are unchangeable.

Furthermore, the celestial order and the beauty of the universe compel me to confess that there is some excellent and eternal Being, who deserves the respect and homage of men. Ennius, speaking with reference to the Roman system of augury, said: Like many other critics of astrology, Cicero does not have the fullest grasp of it; this is just the most salient example.

What wonder, then, if in auspices and in every kind of divination weak minds should adopt the superstitious practices which you have mentioned and should be unable to discern the truth? Is it because the insane do not tell their delusions to interpreters of visions while dreamers do? None, so far as the auspices are concerned.


We even shape things which we have divunatione seen ckcerone as the sites of towns and the faces of men. Speaking frankly, superstition, which is widespread among the nations, has taken advantage of human weakness to cast its spell over the mind of almost every man. Of course it was easy enough for them to double the four parts into which we divide it and then double that total and tell from which one of those divisions a bolt of lightning had come.

Observe how keen the controversy grows! Euphorion is even too obscure; but Homer is not. Nam et maiorum instituta tueri sacris caerimoniisque retinendis sapientis est, et esse praestantem aliquam aeternamque naturam, et eam suspiciendam admirandamque hominum generi pulchritudo mundi ordoque rerum caelestium cogit confiteri.

Let me, then, state my opinion of these two kinds of divination. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Homer shows his appreciation of this fact when he represents Jupiter as complaining because he could not snatch his son Sarpedon from death when Fate forbade.

Your Juno Moneta may likewise be dismissed with a question: But you will have it that everything happens by Fate; consequently, knowledge of the future would have done these men cixerone good. Many more have corrected a natural defect by intelligent exertion. You stated the syllogism of Chrysippus, Diogenes, and Antipater in this way: It is said that when the root was found it worked the cure not only of Ptolemaeus, but also of many soldiers who had been wounded by the same kind of arrow.

What is astonishing in the fact that the horse of Dionysius came up out of the river, or that it had bees in its mane? But if at the same instant the liver of one ox is smooth and full and that of another is rough and shrunken, what inference can be drawn from ‘the condition and colour of the entrails’?

To ask other readers questions about De Divinationeplease sign up. What, then, has become of divining by means of birds?