: Conan: Ruins of Hyboria () by Vincent Darlage and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now. The Hyborian Age is the fictional period within the artificial mythology created by Robert E. Howard in which the sword and sorcery tales of Conan the Barbarian are set. .. The name comes from Great Zimbabwe, a ruined fortified town in Rhodesia, first built around the 11th century and used as the capital of the. It was finally overthrown by the Hyborian tribes of the west. (Conan and the Emerald Lotus); City of Brass: A ruined, ancient city that lies in the desert of eastern.

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The survivors of the defeated clans merged with their conquerors, passing on their racial traits to new generations of Hyborians.

Not only are his Baltic Sea and English Channel dry, but most of the North Sea and a vast region to the west, easily including Ireland, are, too. So-called City of the Dead, a ruined outpost of ancient Acheron, situated southeast of the Vilayet Sea. The name is derived from Latin aquilo n—”north wind”. Conan the Rogue Cetriss, Palace of: Khitai is his version of China, lying far to the eastCorinthia is his name for a Hellenistic civilization, a name derived from the city of Corinth and reminiscent of the imperial fief of Carinthia in the Middle Ages.

Then it turns and runs westward through Shem, following the historical Mediterranean Seafinally emptying into the western ocean.

He used the sorcerous powers of the lotus to keep the world-hungering Empire of Acheron at bay.

From the ancient Hittites the name Koth may come from the fact that the Hittites are called in the Bible the children of Hethand the Egyptians called their land Kheta ; The Kothian capital of Khorshemish corresponds to Carchemishcapital of a Neo-Hittite kingdom.


Howard’s Hyperborea is described as the first Hyborian kingdom, “which had its beginning in a crude fortress of boulders heaped to repel tribal attack”. At one time over a million people lived there.

The people are dark-skinned. The city is the ruins of the Holy City of Nithia, destroyed by the Acheronian army three thousand years before Conan’s age.

In the BibleShem is Noah ‘s eldest son, the ancestor of the Hebrews, Arabs and Assyrians; hence, the modern ” Semite ” and Semitic languages via Greek Semused properly to designate the family of languages spoken by these peoples.

But the conquerors here decided to maintain the kingdom with its old name, merged with the defeated Hyperboreans and adopted elements of Hyborian culture. They established the kingdom of Zingara and absorbed the defeated elements into their tribe. The culture of Khitai is similar to that of ancient China.

India the Vindhya Range is a range of hills in central India. It was here that coonan created a living flower-fungus hybrid, connan green lotus. Whether used as part of an ongoing campaign or in a series of “one-shot” adventures for the Conan roleplaying game, Ruins of Hyboria presents Games Masters with enough information to use each location as the basis of a complete scenario, complete with vile enemies and great treasures for wh A complete range of exotic locations and ancient ruins awaits players in this book.

Hyborian Age

The ruins of cnan city built by prehistoric snakemen lie to the west of the lake. MesopotamiaSyriaPalestineand Arabia. Phil rated it really liked it Mar 30, The names of the various Turanian cities e. Later they were able to revolt successfully against their masters and migrate westward. Hardcoverpages.


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Hyborian Age – Wikipedia

The name is derived from the Greek legends of a northern people who lived in perpetual mist and darkness near the Land of the Hybooria. Meanwhile, the west coast of Africa on his map lies beneath the sea.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. They discovered the region to be safe, but covered with snow and already inhabited by a race of vicious apes. Concealed in the mountains by the magic of illusion, the tomb was buried ruons the temple of an ancient demon-god.

Review of Conan: Cities of Hyboria | Cities of Hyboria | RPGGeek

To the east of the peaks is a large temperate plateau, where the cyclopean ruins of a city of Acheron lie. I graduated from Columbus North Hig Hi. Its area roughly corresponded to Aquilonia, Argos, and Nemedia, and its dominion later extended over western Koth, Ophir, and Corinthia.

Marvelous verses are writ in gold on its hyborja walls.

Ruins of Hyboria

They had instead evolved into apemen and, according to his description, were by then numerous. Conan the Rogue Kuthchemes: They worship the serpent ruinns Set.

Ring of Ikribu Khet: Culturally, they were accomplished artists and poets.

As far as my personal education goes, I am a life-long learner. Khitan laws flow from the overlord of the city-state. The continuing wars and migrations would keep the state of the other areas of the continent for another five hundred years. Review in Black Gate Its demise took place 3, years cnoan the time of Conan.