Covenantal Apologetics. Study Key Issues in Apologetics and Its Relationship with Christian Doctrine. Curated from a lecture series by K. Scott Oliphint. In his latest work, Covenantal Apologetics, K. Scott Oliphint seeks to recast Cornelius Van Til’s presuppositional apologetics as “covenantal apologetics” – a . Covenantal Apologetics has ratings and 59 reviews. Andrew said: This book was good in more carefully defining presuppositional apologetics as covenan.

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I appreciate the clearer different focus it presents. While Covenantal Apologetics gives a great biblical foundation for apologetics, it falters in how we should winsomely put those principles into practice. This aspect of our apologetic is not flexible. It is supported only by its readers and gracious Christians like you.

The Theology of Ebenezer Erskine, due to be published in Defending the faith can be daunting, and a well-reasoned and biblically covenabtal apologetic is essential for the challenge. Oliphint feels it is time apolotetics move away from the terminology “presuppositional” and move towards a label more representative of the method itself, and one without the negative connotations that “presuppostional” enjoys.

Fictional conversations recorded in the book, while philosophical and hard-hitting, were nowhere near the kind of conversations people actually have in real life.

This book is easy to read, but its aims seem mixed. Oliphint includes three model-discussions to see how a “Covenant Apologist” would deal with different worldviews. While they often raised great points and strong arguments, unless you commonly use terms such as “hypostatic union,” “the Western intellectual tradition,” “contingencies,” etc. I think his aologetics interesting chapter is his take on Paul’s apologetic message on Mars Hill in Acts Lists with This Book.

Covenantal Apologetics : Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith

But this “foundational God” does not stand at a distance from His creation; rather, He has condescended to reveal Himself to, and aploogetics with, His creation in several ways. Pages While I appreciated this, I would have liked to see Oliphint discuss the significance of God swearing by himself.


If you are wondering what apologetic method you want to adopt: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Inc. It is also very readable if you may be scared by a book like this.

To ask other readers questions about Covenantal Apologeticsplease sign up. An Accessible Approach to Reformed Apologetics Although Oliphant characterizes his book as a translation of Van Til’s Reformed apologetics, it broadens the scope and makes it more accessible to a general audience. The discussion on probability as it relates to a naturalistic worldview get pretty heady pretty quickly, but it covenanral definitely worth looking at and was especially edifying to me.

While they weren’t always very practical see belowthey also did a great job in pointing out the true issues and clashes that need to be addressed in these conversations.

Scott Oliphint seeks to recast Cornelius Van Til’s presuppositional apologetics as “covenantal apologetics” – a Reformed apologetic that is both broadly accessible and easily practiced. It would seem that the union between the divine nature and the sinless human nature of the Son does not address the material concern about the relationship between a holy God and a sinful creation.

Set Christ Apart as Lord How, then, ought we to think of a God who, at one and the same time, is absolutely independent and also has freely chosen to commit to his creation? All of creation all of humanity is in a covenantal relation to God, the creator. What Is the Alliance? Perhaps the most helpful part is at the end of chapter one where Oliphint lists apoolgetics works on Presuppositional Apologetics listed in order from easiest to most complex.

Covenantal Apologetics

But it does faithfully lay out the presuppositional apologetics in a straightforward manner, that will surely make the method more understandable, and hopefully put to greater use.

Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith goes a long way towards taking this apologetic methodology and apologetice it into terms that is clear, understandable and highly practica Apologetics is thought of by some to be an arcane discipline, and the Presuppositional brand of apologetic to be even more so. Frame and Bahnsen are good, but as far as clarity and an engaging style, Oliphint, to me at least, is head and shoulders above his peers.


I highly recommend this book. In fact, he is responsible for making it more Christ-centered and proposing the name change from covenatal apologetics to convenantal apologetics. Covenanral Paul’s argument from Romans 1, Oliphint shows that God has made Himself known to all men and men either receive this and acknowledge Him, or they rebel against Him and suppress this knowledge.

As a result, Oliphint didn’t add much to the discussion in this chapter.

Wher While Covenantal Apologetics gives a great biblical foundation for apologetics, it falters in how we should winsomely put those principles into practice.

This book clearly explains the theological foundations of covenantal apologetics and illustrates its application in real-world conversations with unbelievers–helping Christians to boldly, knowledgeably, and winsomely proclaim the gospel. Hopefully, the time it takes to explain these few suggestions will apologeticz be misleading – Covenantal Apologetics is a stimulating gift to the Church.

Covenantal Apologetics: Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith by K. Scott Oliphint

Oliphint’s denial of divine impassibility does impact his methodology, and without an immutable God we do not have an immutable standard for the preconditions of intelligibility: The book is touted as a step toward practical apologetics, from a Van-Tilian approach. The following three theological principles are foundational as apologeics seek to persuade others of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ: The methodology proposed by Oliphint comes in the tradition of Cornelius Van Til, but also draws from the work of Alvin Plantinga.

Once Oliphint lays out his method, he then applies it to some specific scenarios.