A cronopio is a type of fictional person appearing in works by Argentine writer Julio Cortázar (August 26, –February 12, ). Together with famas ( literally fames) and esperanzas (hopes), cronopios are by Cortázar (and others ) to friends, as in the dedication to the English-language edition of A Model Kit : “This. Long out of print and now reissued in paperback, Cronopios and Famas is one of the best-loved books by perhaps the greatest of Latin. Cronopios are part of the fictional universe created by Cortázar in his “Historias de cronopios y famas”. You won’t probably find it in any dictionary, either English .

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Para proteger los hilos. Quotes from Cronopios and Famas. You may think what you want now. In his struggle against pragmatism and the horrible tendency of reaching useful ends, my eldest cousin proposed the following procedure: I try speaking cronppios. Yet, I do not have access to the English translation of the book, but perhaps someone of you has it sitting on a bookshelf and would be so kind to copy it for me?

Cronopios and Famas

First a set of instructions: They had to write in short lines because long ones hadn’t been invented yet. I remove my eyes, nose and mouth and tuck them in my pants pocket. The title of the story is “The End of the World of the End. This is beating the surrealists at their own game, stripping the rational veil back from everyday to reveal a chaos of parts and urges and hidden unexpected variation.

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An amusing selection of little scenes, they again don’t fall into the trap of oversimplification. Tutto per amore del racconto e della leggerezza, per il sapore di scrivere, in definitiva per sentire di avere vissuto fino in fondo, per davvero.

Cronopio (literature)

Una locura en la que hay que entrar sin prejuicios. In A Very Real Story a man’s glasses remain whole despite falling fa,as a hard floor; buying a case to protect them in he finds them smashed inside the next time they fall. True to its name, “Unstable Stuff” disintegrates into a kind of notebook of outrageous ideas, varying wildly in style and quality.


I stop moving my lips and start waving eenglish arms.

Famwsonly four years before the publication of this book, restoration work on the painting revealed that the unicorn was a later modification; the woman was originally holding a dog. Poets are writers who are too overwhelmed by angst to write full sentences. May 13, Pliyo San rated it it crohopios amazing Shelves: Let me count the ways. In the recovery room, its time to strike up the band. Bursting with gratitude, he returns to the cronopio and not only plays him but, as a delicate testimonial, he presents him with the gift of a handsome bouquet of roses.

What nad deuces is a Cronopio or, for that matter, a Fama? Cortazar is imaginative, his stories are weird and funny, I have somewhat strange sense of humour so it helps, I think. Story with no Moral is an Argentinian political tale, The Prisoner a more general one focussed, beautifully, on language. Want to Read saving…. The titular final section becomes the most formally experimental, with odd poetic, lyric-like, or playlet pieces zinging from page to page on cronopios the anarchic folk and fomas the cautious folk, not to be confused with Wampeters or Granfalloons.

The complete review ‘s Review:. Cronopes et Fameux – Frankreich. Somewhat overwhelming, and I really should have taken my time and read these slower, a few a day, spaced out with other books. Poets are w There’s no such thing as prose poetry because poetry is writing in short lines; that’s the only thing that makes it poetry; if it’s not in short lines it’s not poetry.

Once again, not a single word is being understood. Pero las cosas invisibles necesitan encarnarse, las ideas caen a la tierra como palomas muertas.

Tip-top of the absolute tippity-toppermost of the pip-pippity-poppermost. Now it happens that turtles are great speed enthusiasts, which is natural. Prior to that its essays on the mundane, but through a scanner darkly- no wait, through the looking glass, if you know what I mean. Should the hair get trapped in the metal grate which used to propagate in such drains, all you have to do is open the faucet a bit and it will disappear for good.

These stories are terrific for their looseness and sheer sense of play, mixing the scholarly prankishness of Borges with the intellectual impishness of Queneau or Barthelme.


Cronopios and Famas – UK. Il capello da recuperare nel buco del lavandino. The first two sections are essentially perfect. And there is yet a third category- esperanzas, and they are majority I assume, and crinopios could characterize them as indolent and plain and dull englush.

Cronopio (literature) – Wikipedia

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Uno stregone dell’immaginazione, un mago dell’affabulazione, uno scatenato poeta del surreale e del possibile: Finally, in the closing, title section, a series of slight, exceedingly odd fables about the interactions of Famas, Cronopios, and Esperanzas, indeterminate constructions feeling so new that they seem to have been devised only as they were being written down. He does refer to them in one of the early stories Costumbres de los famas as “those greenish, frizzly, wet objects,” but this description is just the initial author’s vision of the invented character.

It deals with the creatures or human types, if one prefers of the title — as well as a third genus, esperanzas.

Published a year before Hopscotch and after presumably having served as an outlet valve for for whatever exuberant nonsense Cortazar needed to get out of his head but deemed unfit for that more serious work, Cronopios and Famas is a dense, wild explosion of ideas, mundane or insane.

Without a moment of hesitation, you must begin the job of recovering the ha In his struggle against pragmatism and the horrible tendency of reaching useful ends, my eldest cousin proposed the following procedure: But in general – quite enjoyable. Le formiche che dominano il mondo.

The first section is an Instruction Manualoffering precise and sometimes far-fetched instructions on a number of unlikely subjects — “How to Comb the Hair”, “How to Cry”, “How to Wind a Watch” instructions that come with their own preambleand “How to Kill Ants in Rome”. I do not know Spanish, thus will not venture to translate it from my mother tongue Polish. There are only eight vignettes, but they are all very strong, touching also on the political, philosophical, and literary.

Jan 18, Alejandra Restrepo B.