Will Mansell chokes on his drink when Addie offers to pay him to spend the night in her room. He can’t believe his luck because women usually go for his. Read Doing the Right Thing by Barbara Elsborg by Barbara Elsborg by Barbara Elsborg for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the. Read “Doing the Right Thing” by Barbara Elsborg with Rakuten Kobo. Addie Winter is single—just one more reason for disappointment in her permanently.

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And Addie didn’t fit into her plans at all. She was funny at times and there were even moments I could relate to her. Just as you’r This book will suck the life out of you.

But when she roing in and lets him have her virginity, she’s not prepared for the beautiful, crazy almost ex-wife that comes along with him. Oh man, there is quite the chain of unjust tragedy in this book, so much so that it almost numbed me as the reader. I can’t imagine how her mom felt, but to treat your own blood that way.

thibg Things become exceedingly bad when Addie’s family who haven’t met her mystery man begin to question whether or not he exists. You could see where it was going and because of this you wanted more time to be spent inside Ed’s head and with him, unfortunately that was my biggest disappointment. Gosh, I don’t even know how to explain this book. Tging should be the title of this book. Even before Addie and Will started going out Ed was more sympathetic to Addie.


Doing the Right Thing

Just finished and oh my god. If authors write about what they know, I’m suspecting that Barbara Thign is a tall, quirky woman who is down on her luck and does not feel loved don’t worry Barbara.

Every time after he slept with her he treated her horribly after, pushing Addie aside for his ex-wife every time she sniveled and threw a hissy fit. The ending’s not what I expected, Just finished and oh my god. Breaking Book two in Fall and Break. And that’s putting it nicely!

Won’t elzborg much about the story esborg because it would spoil everything. But that was before they met Addie. Will was a jackass. Elsborg is fantastic at creating complex situations with deep characters. Addie was freaking hilarious, someone I could see myself befriending. The Princess and The Prepper. Young woman with no self-esteem, lets men do what they want with her so she feels noticed or loved.

Doing the Right Thing by Barbara Elsborg – FictionDB

I AM dissapointed of the journey, there w That should be the title of this book. I agree rght there should have been more about Ed, he didn’t feature enough for me, and by the time he did I was so caught up in what an idiot his brother was I failed to appreciate anything.


She was your ex-wife for a reason!! A morbid fear of sharks put paid to marine biology.

Amazing yeah, I said it again. Yes there was a lot of drama ,but it all fit and in the end it was perfect and I love Barbara Elsborg for ending it so beautifully.

Whom Addie knew nothing about. Kiss a Falling Star. I literally thnig to stab him.

Doing the Right Thing (Mansell Brothers, #1) by Barbara Elsborg

Which brings me to the saving grace of the book. This book was pretty good. I don’t see how Will couldn’t see through her lies when Ed saw through her shit with no problem.

It seemed almost everyone in this novel went out of their way to be mean and hateful to tight. How I wish my future husband will be like him. Barbara Elsborg knows how to play with emotions.

Barbara Elsborg lives in Kent in the south of England. Very well written and just a great story. Finding the Right One. This book will suck the life out of you. Addie needs a man. I’m not sure whether to read any more by the same author if all the women happily just let anyone and everyone trample all over them. Fucking waste of time. The other thing that I’ve seen is characteristic to a Barbara Elsborg book is an imperfect hero.