See the Tutorial on how to install python canopy on Windows & Ubuntu Linux in the form of step by step instructions guide. This canopy python. Enthought Canopy (pre-packaged free Python programming environment) o Obtain an installer either from The Python Tutorial tutorial/.

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Python is no doubt one of the most popular languages for programming and is also extensively used in data science. That being said, you might need canipy use a number of dependencies from time to time, to get to greater heights, when you are using Python. It comes with numerous tools for data analysis, data visualization, in the field of data mining and data science.

Canopy – Python Scientific and Analytic Environment — Quintagroup

Apart from that, you can also get access to a number of advanced tools, which can eventually be helpful in application development, and scientific analysis. Canopy python is completely free to download, and thus, if you are a Python programmer, get Canopy today.

Canopy is also available for servers, and enterprises, enthouyht make Canopy the cross-platform tool, for development, and a number of advanced tasks. For the sake of compatibility, I will be downloading the Version 2. The prerequisite is that you should have a bit edition of Linux, for Canopy to run.


The installation will start now, and you will have to give some permissions at the time of installation, and the installation will take no longer than 5 minutes, even with a decent hardware. Once you start the installation, it will ask for permission, and you will have to hit the Enter key to proceed with the cwnopy process.

How to proceed with the Python Canopy installation steps, on Windows and Linux?

Now, after entjought, the license agreement will be shown, and you will have to press the space bar when asked, to read the remaining part of the license. Now you will be asked to enter the Canopy Python installer path, where you want to install Canopy, and the default path will be in your Linux Home directory.

You can write the path, where you want to install Canopy, or just hit enter, to start installation in the home directory. Once you see the screen below, the installation is completed successfully. The installation of Canopy and Enthought Canopy packages on Windows involves the same process of downloading the installer from the official Canopy website, and go through the installation process.

But, unlike Linux, you will not have to work with Command Prompt on Windows, at least at time of installation. In this case, I will be downloading the Version 3.


Double click on it to start the installation process. But, the good side is, you can open Canopy directly from your desktop, and the start screen will look something like this.

Canopy – Python Scientific and Analytic Environment

Hope, the small tutorial on how to install Canopy on Windows and Linux, was helpful to you. You can even find a number of Enthought Canopy tutorial, to get the maximum potential of Canopy, when you are working with Canopy for your requirements. You can also take the advantage of Canopy at the time of going through Python data science training, and Python machine learning training, tytorial it will surely make everything, a piece of pie for you.

If you have more questions on Canopy installationdo canopg forget to comment it down below, to allow me to help you with all your queries. Oh, and he’s also quite good in rapidly building a relationship and set up the trust; his articles are proof of entnought This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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