Title: Further Fables for Our Time Author: Thurber, James Grover () Date of first has lighted our time, so that we can see where. Further Fables for Our Time has ratings and 13 reviews. Eleanor said: Anyone who has ever read anything by Thurber knows that he is perfect. If you h.. . Fables for Our Time and Famous Poems Illustrated has ratings and 30 reviews. Susan said: The world’s a fine and terrible place. Thurber approaches it.. .

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It was lucky that Charles was not alone, for the memorial-builders might have set upon him with clubs and stones for replacing their hero with just plain old Charley. Marly Lemanski rated it liked it Sep 25, But they decided instead to phone their friends and neighbors and gossip about the shameless pair, and describe them in mocking and monstrous metaphors involving skidding buses on icy streets and overturned moving vans.

The Mouse got into the act. It has no buttons to come off, no zipper to get caught, no hair or teeth to fall out. This time the fox, who fablds determined not to be outfoxed by a crow, stood his ground and [Pg 45] did not run when the farmer appeared, carrying a rifle and looking for the robber. When she had gone, the bridegroom glanced at his watch.

James Thurber retells some fables, with FABulous results! I have loved his fractured fairy tales since the eighth grade.

Jun 06, Matt Piechocinski rated it it was amazing. Except for our friend’s ancestors, there was nothing but coal and blobs of glob. A young jackdaw told his father that he was going to build his nest on the minute hand of the town clock.

Trivia About Further Fables fo The next morning, when the cubs, male and female, tumbled eagerly down the stairs demanding to know what they could do, their mother said, “You can go in the parlor [Pg ] and play with your father.


The bartender turned out the lights, the Rooster crowed, the tlme came up, and the members of the Fauna Club went silently home to bed. Very twentieth century and utterly lost on my English book club mates.

At jamss end of three weeks, all the hens left his bed and board. He sat loose, sang pretty, and slept tight, in a hundred honey locusts and cherry trees and lilac bushes. One sultry moonless night, a leopard escaped from a circus and slunk away into the shadows of a city.

Fables for Our Time and Famous Poems Illustrated by James Thurber

One midsummer night at the Fauna Club, some of the members fell to boasting, each of his own unique distinction or achievement. So the dove flew away into the wood and never came back. Here comes the farmer with his rifle! There was great jollity, and the finest cheese was served at a family banquet.

Karolina rated it it was amazing Nov 13, And their laughter and gaiety rang through the forest, and birds that had ceased singing began singing again, and all the sounds of the earth were like music.

A word to the wise is not sufficient if it doesn’t make any sense. Just then the farmer, from whose kitchen the loot had been stolen, appeared carrying a rifle, looking for the robber.

Fables for Our Time and Famous Poems Illustrated

The [Pg 44] fox caught it deftly, swallowed it with relish, said ” Merci ,” politely, and trotted away. They say you can’t take it with you, but I’m going to take it with me.

Pig also found time to bear thirty-seven more offspring, which was thirty-seven more than her mate had wanted. The dove had ended the way no other dove had ever ended.

In awarding first thurbet to the Wren, the Cricket said, in part and in parting, “His voice [Pg ] is like some bright piece of mechanism, such as the works of a golden music box, and he gives his group of one song an infinite variety.

I know that Thurber is a name to be reckoned with and so there must be some great quality to his work, but I don’t see it at al And so William lived among the great cats on the island until he lost his ninth life in a barroom brawl with a young panther who had asked him what his name was and where he came from and got what he considered an uncivil answer.


Now one of the young crows who had been out all night, drinking corn instead of eating it, suddenly went into a tailspin, plunged into a bucket of red paint that timw standing near the barn, and burst into flames.

Hah hah hah hah hah hah!!!! Apr 08, Burritknee Arlint added it.


A couple of eons later, the male, unable to get along alone, reappeared one day upon the shore. Instead, she turned and stalked out of the butler’s pantry tme into the sitting room and lay down on her pillow near the fireplace and went to sleep.

He found, to his mild annoyance, that the doorbell had been replaced by an ornamental knocker. It is better to have the ring of freedom in your ears than in your nose. You’ll have to read the book to find out what it is. I wear black thurbdr I am unique. Jun 21, Lugene Lancaster rated it really liked it. A thing of beauty is a joy for such a little time.

Himarious and more modern than modern. It was not the thunder of weather, though, but the thun [Pg ] der of a vast herd of rogue elephants in full stampede, frightened by nothing, fleeing nowhere. I have already named her—Goldie. One of the morals related is “Never let a nervous woman have a pistol. Ushers moved silently among the rapt listeners, selling copies of the speaker’s books: