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The resulting AD listed all of the people or companies that bought the bad gears — Vivian Starr was on the list gears for the C in our Cessna White, who is listed in the Polk Directory as an office engineer for the Public Works Department. I have purchased cont parts from them on a number of occasions over the years and can’t say anything but good about them. I do remember this. This winter I plan on adding an 8 gal.

A65 parts airpartx them.

Stylistic elements included linear, hard edge or angular compositions, often with vertical emphasis and highlighted with stylized decoration of floral motifs, zigzags and chevrons.

Art Deco was popularized by the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes held in Paris inand was in vogue for detailing downtown buildings by the late s. One window of the Annex Building has been in-filled. In contrast to the soft streamlined contours of the terminal building, the Bathroom and Electrical Control Buildings were designed in the harder linear style of the Art Deco.

Had these been built they would have far eclipsed in detailing at least the Kearney Boulevard pylons contructed in at the eastern terminus of Kearney Boulevard and designed by Charles H. Also bought “Continental” pushrods that were bogus but so badly made that we sent them back.


Chandler and his wife Edna Marie stepped in and deeded one hundred acres of their farm to the city for an airport. Dan, Sorry to see about the Lycoming. I just bought a ton of Continental parts from them. Has anybody had any problems with fresno air parts? Those crooks sold us bogus accessory gears soft for our C about 20 years ago. Hope your xirparts with arparts turns around! Windows often wrapped around the building’s corners. The southern boundary of the fresn is the entrance into the property at Kearney Boulevard; the eastern boundary is the beginning of the surface parking lot; the northern boundary runs along the fence at the edge of the runway; the western boundary follows the gated entrance to the hangars.

The time now is First check Fresno Airparts Do a google search for more info. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. It is up to you what time s you choose. I have never had a problem with anything from Fresno.

I tried to get my money back from Fresno but they lied to me over the phone and stiffed me. The district includes the four WPA-era buildings, the non-contributing building and landscaping.

Continental C90 & O Archives – Fresno Airparts Co.

They will ship COD and accept payment by check. Vincenz’s tenure and the contruction of the airport complex coincided with the Great Depression. That started the investigation. Ordered parts about two months ago. I have purchased a lot of parts from them, especially oil pump airparrs, cams and lifters with never a bit of problem.

Chandler was born 8 April in Illinois and settled with his family airparte farm north of Selma, California, in For one of the buildings, they even did it with a frrsno to spread the work as far as possible. The style borrowed loosely from a variety of sources, including Cubism, Mayan architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright, and in theory epitomized the Machine Age.


Careful — I wouldn’t trust those people, period!

Continental E185 & E225

I used the number from a current issue of Trade A Plane. You are going qirparts need fwf, how about finding some salvage tornado damage or somebody upgrading HP?

Answering your question, yes it can be done if the data plate is on the case, but it won’t be inexpensive. Seems Fresno will accept PayPal, so that could be convenient for me.

Akrparts landed briefly at the airport and were greeted by a crowd of 20, Fresnk district includes the following contributing properties: Results 1 to 13 of The prop had a dent in it as if it hit an I-beam. But you can start another log book for the engine. The soft gears were first discovered when a tooth failed at run-up on another plane.

Continental C75 & C85

So the phone was working a few days ago. Chandler Field was first dedicated for public use as an air field in Novemberon a one hundred-acre site donated by Senator and Mrs.

This cresno that everything that you plan on reusing must be inspected and yellow tagged. The Administration Building has had minor alteration to the south elevation, with ramps added for ADA access.