Model TA(K)43 and TA(K)55 require an external equalized expansion valve. Dimensional Data. Model Pricing. Thin Profile Air Defrost. Bohn. Friga-Bohn @ Kooltech. Friga-Bohn TA7R-8P Friga Bohn Dual Discharge EVAP. £2, $3, ,48 € £2, $3, ,74 € (ex. Useful links · Careers · General Catalogue. Evaporators & Heat-Exchangers LGL- France, FRIGA-BOHN General Catalogue. banner-banner1. Mailing list for.

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Seul le spectre de puissance acoustique et la valeur Lw, sont contractuels. Tous les prix sont des prix publics Nombre d’heure de fonctionnement par jour: Commercial and industrial unit coolers, condensers, fluid coolers, condensing units, split systems, compressor racks, encased outdoor units To help with all your choices and calculations, we propose our Heatcraft products software. Item 1 Propeller Model: Foresee a crane for handling units over 6m. VAT unit price without options: VAT unit price with options: Only the acoustic pressure spectrum and Lw value, are contractually binding.

All prices are retail prices Our proposals, quotes and order acceptances are subject to our general terms of sale which may be consulted on the CD-ROM. Number of running hour per day: This motor offers a reduction in energy consumption for a given power rating: This software is updated several times a year and may be downloaded directly from our website: Our product range – Index. It meets the quality assurance criteria of ISO CE Our products are CE labelled: Heatcraft products use fluids of the group 2 and function with an operating pressure of: Energy efficiency Products combining high performance and low environmental impact e.

EC motor-fan units are also used to help reduce the noise level. Natural refrigerants Equipment using natural refrigerants such as fluid coolers, air coolers, unit coolers and CO2 racks, as well as ice slurry systems. Environment All so-called “smart solutions” use a low quantity of refrigerant e. The control function ensures safe operation of a unit in relation to another unit: C commercial unit cooler capacity from 1 to 6 kW SKB C commercial unit cooler capacity from 4 to 19 kW.

On-board equipment Our units are static. Included in a refrigeration system, they may be exited by motors, compressors, diesel engines, vehicles or others and suffer from vibration. The person responsible for the system must ensure that the excitation frequency may not, under any circumstances, provoke the resonance of other components as this could result in irreparable damage in particular in the case of on-board systems.


The models M1, M2 and M3 wall mounting are optimized with low space requirements and long air throw. Drilling template printed on the cardboard packaging. Factory provided as ceiling-mounted model. Simple transformation into a wall-mounted model. XR – Commercial ceiling unit cooler.

Use of E1K kit compulsory.

Female to receive a tube of the same diameter. Rounded bonn without condensate retention zones, easy cleaning, reduction of exterior condensation. Motor wired to terminal block as standard. Example Volume of unit to be cooled: Casing fitted with polyamide hinges to provide total access to all unit cooler elements coil, electric fan, defrost heater, connections, These hinges also enable removal of the casing.


The electric heating elements are fitted in slots under the coil offering unimpeded front access which considerably simplify maintenance MRE. This layout considerably simplifies maintenance and guarantees homogenous dispersion of heat over the entire coil. This enables perfect defrosting.

CO2 R optimization please contact us for details. Fully equipped unit coolers DM Expansion valve fitted. EEC Fully equipped unit cooler: Casing opening mini: Coil BAE Paint coil protection. WCO Glycol water, coolant please contact us for details. The casing is fitted with hinges offering total access to all elements of the ceiling unit cooler coil, fan, defrost heater, connections, The electric heating elements are fitted in slots under the frigaa offering unimpeded front access which considerably simplified maintenance.

Low noise level Natural fluids: KRS 1 refrigeration cassette encased in the false ceiling. Central catalogus Advantages Installation The KRS cassettes are delivered with a condensate discharge pump with float switching device. It is possible to select 3 frigaa intermediate speeds depending on noise level requirements refer to the table opposite.

Motor speeds pre-wired as standard NC: Reduced sound Natural fluids: Sturdiness Highly resistant to thermal shocks.

Aesthetics The TA unit blends easily into its surroundings thanks to cahalogue casing with integrated fan guard. Hygiene Rounded corners eliminate condensate retention zones which favour the development of harmful germ, use of protected steel sheets and stainless steel screws. Internal drain pans to avoid condensation on the casing.


Safety No sharp or cutting edges. A condensation evacuation pump may be provided factory-mounted in the casing to help reduce installation time option PRK. Evacuation of condensation on left or right side. The electric heating elements fitted in slots under the coil considerably simplify maintenance tasks see photo.

Defrost HGB Hot gas coils. E1K E1U Light electric defrost. Recommended with electric defrost. Fully equipped unit coolers PRK Condensate discharge pump. DM Expansion valve fitted. Male to be brazed. MM5 Single-phase Catallogue 50 Hz fan.


Advantages Installation Large space available for easy installation of the expansion valve. The expansion valve may be supplied factory pre-fitted option DM cataalogue, as well as fully equipped option EEC to help reduce installation time. Large electrical enclosure rendering maintenance tasks easier. R 4,23 mm MUC Air throw 2 m 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 30 Num. L 6,35 mm MUC E 4,23 mm LUC C 6,35 mm LUC Sturdiness High thermal at low and high temperatures and mechanical shock resistance.

Aesthetics The design, finish and granulated white casing enable perfect integration of the unit into the surrounding environment. This facility enables homogenous heat distribution for fast and efficient defrosting. R 4,23 mm SD L 6,35 mm SD C 6,35 mm SD Refer to the correction chart for selection of a low-speed unit. Possibility of providing factory pre-wired motors CMU option to cataloogue reduce installation time.

The hinged drain pan enables simple removal rendering maintenance work easier see photo. Application requiring installation of a textile duct VGT and MP5 option Shell used to fasten the textile duct not suppliedthe special-purpose fan ensures the ventilation air pressure of 50 Pa available.

Adapted ventilation and noise level. High speed during the charging phase requiring high capacity. Low speed during a long storage period or in case of presence of employees for reduced noise level. Defrost for low-temperature applications VPM option Avoid circulation of hot air during defrost cycles. Reduction of defrost cycle time for energy saving. CMU Motor factory wired.

RFA Air stream deflector. Defrost HG1 Hot gas coil: