58 — Joy (Self-indulgence) — HEXAGRAM NUMBER FIFTY-EIGHT JOY ( SELF-INDULGENCE). Other titles: The Joyous, Joyousness, Pleased Satisfaction . Same reading twice! (58 -> 51). Hello, I have a pretty clear idea of what the iching is telling me, but I would like a second and third opinion. The hexagram means calmness and the absence of urgency. Calmness may mean that one’s environment is quiet and free of pressure and that changes are.

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There will be adversity, the hungry souls and angry ghosts. Solve problems and bring out the best in others. Home Contact Privacy and terms Site search Links.

58 Opening/Mediator DUI | I Ching: Mothering Change

She hexagrsma the spirit in her body and gives it words, making it present in the human community. This indicates our being able to act without being troubled by doubts. It is better not to force or manipulate events for a desired outcome but to allow life to unfold on its own terms.

Spread the word through inspiring words and images. There is joy with confidence.


Complete what has been started. Do what makes your heart sing. You are suffering from indecision based upon a choice between inferior and superior pleasures. If you explain why something must be difficult or oppressive, they will even face death willingly.

Evil threatens the man because of his excessive devotion to idle pleasures. The source of true joy is within oneself.

The oracle is capable of brutal sarcasm when your query warrants it, so don’t be too quick to accept the shallow meaning of Joy — as often as not, Self-indulgence is the more appropriate title. The superior man joins his fellows for teaching and study. Know what you would do if faced with a worst case senario.

Once one corrects his conduct, one has joyousness. Treading shows a hexagrma focusing on their footsteps and the path to discover more meaning in life. If this is the only changing line, the hexagram becomes number sixty — Restrictive Regulations, with hedagrama corresponding line that counsels the acceptance of limitation as productive of peace of mind and contentment: True joy must spring from within in the here and now.

This inner re-organization leads to harmony with others. You are connected to a creative force. Calculating future joys, he is restless and suffers from various small ills, yet he is happy. Arrange for people to collaborate on activities or challenges. Action is not doubted.


58 Opening/Mediator DUI

Mothering Change presents Transforming Lines as Steps of Change that show you where and how to focus your energy.

Being firmly devoted to our path, we do not waver. I asked the question not with words, rather I focused on the event and asked to learn what its significance was. The joy in connection with the subject of the fourth line is due to the happiness which he will produce. There is joy in harmony, Auspicious.

James DeKorne’s Official Website – The Gnostic Book of Changes – Hexagram 58

Propriety or subordination shows that you are in a lesser position. Confidence in the aim. Considering joyousness does not bring serenity. A time to create a warm and congenial atmosphere for learning, inspiration and the exchange of ideas. It is advantageous to be persevering.