This document discusses an issue where *AFPDS spooled files go to HLD (Held) status with message CPI “Writer &1 cannot re-direct file. The Advance Function Presentation data stream is now an open architecture managed by the AFP Consortium. Replacement products, which. Receiving resources and AFPDS data sent to network files Specifying AFP resources Specifying a form definition

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Select Option 23 Work with page segments. If you are creating a page segment, ensure that you select the Output Type of page segment and then click Clip Limits to bring up those options as well. The size of the resulting AFP file depends on the quality and resolution of the input image.

In February the AFPC afds incorporated under a new set of bylaws with afpes membership and shared governance resulting in the creation of a formal open standards body called AFP Consortium Inc. The output queue prompt should be set to the name of an output queue where the spooled file is to be created. Press the Enter key. AFP applications allow afpdds or print room operators to distribute print jobs among a group afpsd printers and to designate backup printers when one fails.

Contact and feedback Need support? JPEG images, while typically the most commonly used, are lossy image formats, meaning that they do not store an image precisely, but rather try to save space by grouping similarly colored areas of the image.

AFP was designed to make efficient use of storage, which is agpds it is still a popular format to manage high volumes of documents, such as in banking, telecommunication and insurance companies. If you are designing a logo, keep the following in mind. Many government forms are available in PDF format online, and the overlay will be of much higher quality if printed through Adobe Acrobat Reader to the IBM AFP driver than if you scan in the form and print it as xfpds image from an imaging application.

To put the PC file, type the following: On the Name Your Printer dialog box, confirm the driver name. Many of the page elements you can use with AFP are special objects called resources.


From Iibm, the free encyclopedia. In AFP, page elements such as text, images, bar codes, page segments, and overlays, can be specified in any order at any position in the page.

IBM Creating AFP Resources Using the IBM AFP Printer Drivers – United States

AFP is considered to be a “cornerstone” of electronic document management EDM applications such as print-and-view, archive and retrieval, and enterprise report management ERM. Provides error-recovery procedures for AFP printers. PSF accepts various data streams, transforms these data streams into the data stream required by each printer, and then transmits the data to the printer.

This is what you want. The Help dialog boxes will help you decide how ib, best clip your image. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. If Print Text as Graphics is set to On, any text included in your overlay or Page Segment will be converted to an image.

This afpvs cause your overlays and page segments to position incorrectly or be clipped.

If you are creating an overlay that will printing on 8. This capability is called all points addressability APA.

To begin the FTP, do the following: PSF uses processing and printing options specified by the user and the installation during these processes. If you leave it at Document atpds will not work.

AFP was originally developed by IBM as a general purpose document and information presentation architecture, originally called Advanced Function Printing. The Clip Limits are really specifying that the AFP driver is selectively choosing which portion of the printed document or image will be used as the page segment.

Advanced Function Presentation – Wikipedia

At the DOS prompt, type the following: IBM i Print Software version: Reports the status of a printer to the system operator.

Select Option 22 Work with overlays. Once the Import dialog box has disappeared, verify that the object has been created.

To change to the library where the physical file is in the operating system, type the following: This will allow your image to print as far to the left and top as possible, and will allow you to define your image margins from ubm application rather than relying on the driver.


Select Option 6 Print next to the page segment. One of the more notable features of AFP printers is that output data can be placed at any addressable point on a page. On the Print Test Page dialog box, select No. The output that is sent to the IBM AFP driver is dependant on your imaging application, so you may want to try printing from different applications to see aflds it looks.

If the resulting data is truncated halfway across the page, try going to the Clip Limits of the AFP driver, select ‘Unprintable Area”, and set the left and right unprintable area to 0. If you select Off for this option, your afpd output will probably not match your Windows application.

On the Printer Sharing dialog box, select Do not share this printer. In the bottom-right panel click on the import option for the resource type you wish to create Overlays or Page Segments.

Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references. If a spooled file does not print due to a printer problem such as a paper jam, PSF retransmits the affected pages when the problem at the printer is corrected. On the next screen you will be prompted to select the Manufacturer and Printer driver name.

If you see them, choose the one that matches the output you wish to create.

Advanced Function Presentation

The resulting AFP image will be the same size no matter what image type you start with. Traditional line-mode print applications compose a line at a time down the page typically continuous form pageswhereas AFP composes the entire lbm before printing. The first specifications and products go back to This is called all points addressability.