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Not ultimately refuse to be enchanted by machines, avoid to become one mind with the beast and not accept ID papers with microchips. Therefore there is no peace among gristos, among peoples, among brothers.

What brought Revolution to Romania? Basically our new Dis ordered societies become prisoners of two antagonistic forces: Olivian Breda rated it liked it Oct 14, The golden calf, the ancient god shows itself today as a powerful industry in the spirit of humanity.

Otherwise how would it be possible for You to listen to a Taliban like me without …you know, ripping my head off. It is what is called possession by the devil disguised under the appearance of science.

intoarcerea la hristos de ioan ianolide []

hristtos She speaks the language of Peace and yet pulls the means of destruction, nuclear war and more and more totalitarian control. That will render a great deal of control that is not only physical—but also in spirit. Well… the Government pays and they take care of my family.

So on one hand the political class in the host country agrees with the bankrupt politics and on the other had they punish their own population to satisfy the needs of the club. People in power and the agents of these new global society will use the same mechanisms for authoritarian control the communists had, only with better technological means. We will witness how human relationships will be annihilated, people preferring to relate to this machine rather than to other people.

It is an abomination and a mad challenge that man directed against the Lord of Life and Freedom. A Holocaust against the Jews. Re-writing history with fist in the mouth does not serve the truth, and the truth always surfaces like oil in the water. When the economical piece adds they become mercenaries, just like soldiers from Roman Empire. As a result freedom and democracy become just abstract concepts, because here on the grounds we have started the witch hunting from kindergartens to nursing homes.


Go give a head in the wall and figure this out for yourself. US faces a great moral dilemma: Then the Jews from everywhere felt the acute threat of a Nuremberg in reverse, where many of them would have been judged for crimes against humanityfor material and moral co-authoring of Bolshevik terror of over 70 years, perpetrated on a surface equivalent to one fifth of the Earth. In the beginning it might seem flattering for a society to exercise such a degree of influence, but soon the unwanted, actually dreadful effects will show.

They mirror the rejected, the cursed, the sold, the bitten, the spit on, the wiped, the hanged on to wood God.

It also spreads a climate of suspiciousness that makes people to turn one against the other. They imitate humans as much as they can. There were many errors, that made innocent people to end up in Transnistria.

Just as if following Nazi there was not a 50 years period of Genocide against many nations and races. So they sacrifice themselves and go to this dangerous, obscure, undeveloped world their Media loves to picture. In the first two decades, probably the most ferocious ones, just to be fashionable they promoted people from Jewish communities in key positions.

Of course, not ultimately, this centralization of information, power intoarceres uniformization of the world is really concerning.

They judge in large blocks and falsify history. And because the last will be the first again, they will be the ones to rip off the benefits of the first born again. What is it with these nowadays political agents? Why did God allow the world to sink into this present crisis, after some years of Christianity?

I am not referring to accessing via Internet specific information in a domain or the other, but rather to using Internet as a means to target people, preying on their privacy and personal life.

How many things are almost free nowadays???

The Saint of the Prisons by Ioan Ianolide

People identify themselves more and more with them and move in a phantasm world. Progresismul e fenomen universal.

In fact they are just two complementary powers, like two hands belonging to the same body. There is a double standard for recognition and a gross manipulation of truth regarding the past and the present and ianolise does not serve anybody. Pitesti Experiment that took place in Romania in andis a great exemplification of how abusive powers exercise their influence first starting with hrkstos on vulnerable groups such as prisoners and then extending it to the whole society.


They have been disconnected for a while by a malfunction between the right and left hemisphere in the brain, which corresponds to the Cold War period when they experienced common, symmetrical reflexes but never seceded in coordinating their movements. These political agents listen to the lobbies not to the citizens that voted for them. About those who 24 hour out of 24 hours kept their dignity in cells meant to lead lw betrayal, filth, collapse and dementia?

So the Government becomes the great paternal figure, TaTuKa and soon the society starts to endear without even knowing and give in to the Image and Paternalistic Authority of the State. In reality the person becomes captive by choice to a world that is foreign to human experience and is meant only for the devil and his angels. Yupiiiii—Now we sell countries, we sell people and we sell martyrs too. Well, and there is also this thing, the freedom of speech, and more important this is not explicitly stated there is the freedom of excluding those who exercise the right of freedom of speech.

We are just prisoners to another crisis.

Similar leaders use the same means today when they make reparations to Jewish communities. She did not reach any agreement with them so she returned to Romania, at the advice of a monk and there she discovered that she had cancer in an initial phase. People who use ian are mostly enchanted and hypnotized by their capabilities and most of the time they miss the errors they promote. We know now from publicly available sourcesothers then the political propaganda that the Revolutions were actually an International political truce between political agents from both sides, and the beginning of a new totalitarian order worse than ever in history.

Again, is not that I believe that Jews are inherently criminals, I believe that these people that claim to represent them bring a great injury to them and isolate them, making them a target for hatred.