1 Question: Has istikhãra any basis in the shari’a? Is there a problem in repeating the istikhãra [for the same intention] by paying alms [before it] in order to get a. Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters, I really need to know how istikhara is performed as I need an answer from Allah as soon as possible. Section 8: Views of the Mara’ja Taqlid and Scholars of Islam Regarding the Istikhara. View of Ayatullah Khomeini. “There are two meanings of the word Istikhara.

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Mormons 1 2 3 By IslandsandmirrorsFriday at How long does it usually take for an answer? Posted November 9, Sign In Sign Up. Refer to Hadith 30 to istiknara for this method 3. Rather, it is a book of knowledge and wisdom, which guides one to the paths of servitude of Allah.

He should rely on their rationale to come to a conclusion whether to proceed with an action or to leave it. This type of Istikhara is also a type of mystical relationship with Allah.

Repeating the istikhara is not right, unless it is for a different issue. If this route too does not produce results, then he is left with no other alternative except that he pleads to His Shiaa and asks Him for guidance to what is truly best for him.

In short, istjkhara Istikhara is nothing more than an act that provides “satisfaction of the heart,” “removes doubt and uncertainty,” and is a tool for “hope, prosperity and happiness. Some people have even said that it is not allowed for a person to perform an Istikhara for someone else and everyone must perform it for himself! It must be made known that the Qur’an was not revealed simply to perform the Istikhara. However, there are examples that people who are against Istikhara mention, such as the incident in which there was a girl who liked a young boy and in all ways, were compatible with each other, but after talking with one another, the Istikhara was performed and it came out ‘bad’ and the discussion ended there.

Reliance upon Allahleaving all of one’s affairs to Allah and having a good or favorable opinion of Allah are the requirements before one performs any supplication. In regards to the istikhara, what if someone istikhada directly stopping you from going on with what Allah had answered to you. At this time, the person will look deep in his heart, and through soul searching, would see which path to follow is stronger in his soul.


By Ali-FWednesday at However in this type of a situation, it is better than after waiting some time, give some charity, and then carries on with the task. Having good thoughts about Allah and that Syia only prefers and accepts that which is good for His servants. As for the question that is anyone able to perform an Istikhara by the Qur’an or Tasbih beads for himself or not, it must be stated that if all the conditions and etiquette are followed, then it is not a problem.

Register a new account. However, two conditions must be fulfilled, the first is that the person must be in a state of supplication meaning that his state be such that he truly feels: Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to istiihara a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Introduction | Istikhara: Seeking the Best from Allah (swt) |

I am sorry to bother you, I need an Istikhara In the ahadith, it has been emphasized that this type of Istikhara should be performed before every action, and is one of the reasons for the success of a person, since in reality, the Istikhara by supplication includes: One must first of shai consult experts or wise individuals to see if he can reach a decision. This type of Istikhara has its roots in supplicating to Allah in all actions that a person performs, and is not iwtikhara admirable, but is recommended Mustahab in Islam.

Posted November 12, In the ahadith, it has been emphasized that this type of Istikhara should be performed before every action, and is one of the reasons for the success of a person, since in reality, the Istikhara by supplication includes:.

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If after one has supplicated to Allah and after exhausted his thinking and asking others for advice, one is still in a state of confusion, then this method is used. However, whatever the outcome may be, whether it is in accordance with one’s wishes or against one’s desires, it mast be accepted.

I am perplexed and do istukhara know if Your pleasure is in this task or not which I wish to perform. Apple juice istkihara orange juice 1 2 By Ali-FWednesday at Yet another group of people, who think that the outcome of the Istikhara is like the Qur’an meaning that it is a revelation from Allah take the outcome of it as being obligatory to accept and place their lives and destiny in the result of the Istikhara. How exactly is it performed? If a person is able to reach to this state by better methods such as thinking and asking others for advice, then it is not necessary for him to seek refuge with the Istikhara ; leave aside what would happen to the one who acted upon the outcome of the Istikhara which has been performed out of confusion and ahia and by not following the prescribed conditions istilhara prerequisites.


The result of having idtikhara an outlook in regards to the Istikhara is that the person does not use his brain in day to day life and ends up unsuccessful in the twists and turns that life takes him through. Doing or not doing is optional not compulsory.


You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I am a girl who has received many proposals for marriage but each time my father has done istikhara and it came out “bad”. In one of the verses of the Qur’an, Allah after mentioning and counting all of His powers and the blessings which He has showered says:.

Posted November 5, Before one proceeds with this form of seeking the best, he should perform the supplications and ask Allah for the best and then seek advice from others so that these supplications will give a better outcome to asking others for advice. If by this method, one’s confusion is not removed, then it is not a problem that to remove the doubt and uncertainty, then one acts according to that which has been mentioned in the narrations and by either the Tasbih or the Qur’an, he can seek to alleviate his difficulties.

How many problems this misconception has brought up! Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to performing the Istikhara by the Qur’an, but those two conditions must be primarily fulfilled. If after seeking experts’ advice he still remains confused, he can then do Istikhara.