IT / IT41 / ITA / IT / Software Engineering and Quality Assurance Notes IT 4th Semester regulation Anna university. marks and 16 marks questions for eee departmentTo get question banks, notes, university question papers & important question for it software engineering. lecture notes for second year,fourth semester software engineering & quality assurance (subject code: it) is available here in pdf,zip formats for.

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Explain in detail about the Software Prototyping?

Marks 4 ii I2251 cyclomatic complexity metric. Why LOC is not treated as a standard metric? Write a procedure to find the sum of Fibonacci series up to N.

Describe the structure of software requirements specification documents explaining clearly the standards to be followed 4. How are prototype models prepared for a software process? Explain in detail about the software life cycle model with various phases 3.

It2251 notes pdf

Write a typical SRS for bank transaction. Tweet Share Share Share Share. Write notes on ISO quality standards 3.


Marks it22511 ii How do ‘Project risk’ factors affect the spiral model of software development? Explain in detail about the Process Iteration. How is functional independence measured?


Explain in detail about system testing i2251. Define Software notea model. How you do some effective modular design List out the design heuristics Unit IV 1. How is design evaluation performed?

Explain the various techniques used in Software Prototyping 2. Describe the different types of coupling and cohesion. Newer Post Older Post Home. What are ‘side effects’ while debugging?

Explain each of them in detail 2. Marks 8 Or b i Describe the role of management in software development with the help of examples. Explain in detail the design concepts. Explain with the help of examples. Which type of testing is suitable for boundary condition?

Anirudhan Unit I 1. Explain size-oriented metrics in detail. Marks 6 iii Software cost estimation.

How do you assess the process and product quality of software? What are baseline criteria in SCM? Draw the ER diagram and Identify the data objects with attributes used in Employee Information systems. What are the different phases of Software Engineering? Explain in detail about the process improvement. Explain the design steps of the transform mapping 4.


IT Software Engineering and Quality Assurance First 5 Chapter ppt

What is the percentage in total cost of the project? Explain in detail about the different integration testing approaches 4. What are direct and indirect measures? Why is requirements elicitation process difficult?

Write hotes quality assurance standards. What is the notation used by functional modeling? What are the tasks in SCM process? How do you expedite the implementation stage? Derive all possible test cases. Explain cohesion and coupling in with necessary diagrams. What is data modeling?

Marks 8 Or b i Explain software implementation techniques. When is orthogonal array testing applicable?