Eagle (Saladin Trilogy) [Jack Hight] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Salah ad-Din, or Saladin as he is known to the Franks, was a Kurd. THE SALADIN TRILOGY: EAGLE, KINGDOM, and HOLY WAR And here’s more info to take you beyond the books: 1) Conquest and Anarchy: The. Jack Hight is an American author who has released four books – Siege, based on the Fall of Constantinople and a trilogy based on the life of Saladin: Eagle.

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I really enjoyed the fast pace, the battles and the overall story. Book One of the Saladin Trilogy. Saladun being enthralled by his previous book based on the fall of Constantinople inI already had a good vibe about this, the opening installment in Hight’s Saladin trilogy, before I began reading it.

Lists with This Book. The first one went fairly well, thanks for asking. Want to Read saving….

These women had lots of talks about being property for triilogy and wanted to fight for there freedom by being unfaithful to their husbands. In the first book Saladin, the Kurd, is growing up from an insecure boy into the military commander.

The second book moves more into the world of politics and intrigue, and takes us to Egypt and into a world of internecine warfare. Sep 01, Vicky rated it it was ok. Cannot wait for the next book. Book One of the Saladin Trilogy Author s: What killed my interest is the dialogue. But I really liked this twist because it is entirely possible; in fact, seems more believable than as if he had only heard about it.

Well researched into the period and loved the way he brought the characters to life. He battled, and in the end tamed King Richard of England, who was called the Lionhearted and well deserved his savage name. Oct 11, John Salter rated it really liked it.

Unlike him, Turan is a warrior, and is salladin of a do first, think later type of character. I expected much more from this book. A real treat to read this book. Saladin is the wisest, the bight, the most just and the best despite horrible customs described and meanwhile crusaders are weak, stupid and barbarians.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Nov 03, Mina rated it it was amazing.

Jack Hight

W F Howes Ltd Availability: Fools and Mortals Bernard Cornwell. Good scene setting but poorly written female characters were a disappointment. What puts a spanner in the works is Turan, Yusuf’s older brother. In time, they end up on opposite sides of the conflict. That said, I feel the need to include the disclaimer that this feeling may have developed from the fact that I read the last or so pages in one day, as opposed to a few chapters a day, which may well have warped my interpretation.

I’ve mentioned Turan previously, in my opinion his characterisation is brilliantly committed to paper. Quick and enjoyable story of the early years of Salahadin.

Couple that with High’s clear knowledge of the era of the Second Crusade and the world in which the future Saladin grew up, and also his understanding and presentation of Islam and the Islamic peoples of the time, and it creates a story that is not only fresh and interesting, but also informative and revealing.

The story follows the youth and growth of the young Yusuf, from his childhood when he is considered weak and unworthy through to becoming the legendar character that is Salah Ad Din, scourge of the crusaders. For God sake this was the 12th century, how much freedom did women in Europe had?? Jul 25, Aaron Fielding rated it liked it. I mentioned in one of my status updates that not a lot was happening in the first hundred pages, this is true.

What brought this book a star down in my view was how the way it portrayed Saladin in some parts as immoral. Even so, that didn’t prepare me for just how much slipping into his work again, after suffering through a particularly mediocre historical fiction book immediately previous, filled me with the overall feeling of it fitting like a proverbial glove.

The interplay between the characters is still there when it can be, but by necessity the series has grown and moved on in the second book and there is more of a focus on the activities of the two friends Yusuf and John as individuals than there was in the first book.


Also it took me until page to realise who Salahuddin was! Published March 1st by John Murray Publishers first published It has all the plot elements of a medieval historical novel aimed at western sensibilities I do hate it when I forgo writing updates on a book I’m reading, makes it all the harder to review them in the end. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Jack Hight – Wikipedia

I won’t be bothering with the remaining two books in the series. Eagle Saladin 1 by Jack Hight. Actually to clarify this at the end of the book there are a couple of pages that briefly mentions names of those who existed and some of the battles, yet I now presume nearly everything else in the book is fiction. Yusuf moved forward once again and ducked another telling blow. I loved this book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it, so much so that as soon as it was finished I went out and bought the second in the series and read that one too all within the space of about a week or so.

When the murderous knight Reynald of Chatillon raids a caravan heading from Damascus to Mecca and rapes Saladin’s sister, the scene is set for war. What a shame as I was enoying the ‘who fathered whos children’ bits. I absolutely loved his character as portrayed by the author. After reading this book, I went straight out and bought Siege which again I could not put down and then pre-booked Kingdom and was not disappointed by either book. Saladin is a terrific subject for a novel but this isn’t it.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. I think I finished the book in two days before going back to read again in a more leisurely fashion. Download Image Download Image. When I was reaching the end of the book and still hadn’t I actually though O.