Jeffery Deaver novels in series order. Click here for a printable list of Jeffery Deaver’s novels. The Lincoln Rhyme Series: The Bone Collector (). Deaver (A Maiden’s Grave) is too fond of gimmicks. They range The Bone Collector. Jeffery Deaver, Author, Wilson, Author Viking Books $ (p) ISBN. : The Bone Collector (Lincoln Rhyme Novel) (): Jeffery Deaver: Books.

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The book was action packed and I could not put it down.


I absolutely love Jeffery Deaver, his writing style just keeps you hooked and makes you think of the book even when you aren’t reading it. I love anticipating the reading of any one of these guys, the characters; no the guys are real to me! Is it written from more than one character’s perspective?

From the beginning, I thought that she was a strong character, and when she turned up with tbe evidence that the FBI had taken, I began to like her immensely. Rhymeil detective costretto su di un letto, burbero e irascibile. Mnogo, mnogo bolje od filma. The most creative, skilled and intriguing thriller writer in the world.

Stay in Touch Sign up. As far as I can remember, thinking back through it, there isn’t much sexual content, at least. In her defense, she was only trying to make certain that she was able to report to her new assignment and had no idea that there would be any repercussions to the investigation. Ben scritto e scorrevole. May 06, Pages Buy. I really enjoyed the movie and was always disappointed that there weren’t further instalments in the series.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste and Lincoln Rhyme is not wasting his. Depressed by his life as a quadriplegic, Lincoln is planning his suicideā€¦ until his old partner calls him with news of a murder.

May 23, Diane Wallace rated it really liked it.

The killer leaves clues, so View all 16 comments. It was still a few years away actually. Praise for bestselling author Stephen Leather’The sheer impetus of his storytelling is damned hard to resist’ Sunday Express’A master of the thriller genre’ Irish Times’As coklector as British thriller writers get’ Collectod Independent.


However, with a huge TBR pile to contend with well, who doesn’t?! The twists and turns in this book were not what I expected at all, the characters and settings are so well described you can close your eyes and picture yourself watching them, seeing exactly what they are doing.

Create An Account Why Join? Quotes from The Bone Jefvery. William Berger, a representative of a pro-euthanasia group called the Lethe Society, until his ex-partner Lon Sellitto arrives at his apartment asking for help on a kidnapping case.

There is great potential in this duo and I look forward to future novels. Unable to leave his bed, Lincoln overcomes the hindrance of his disability by using Amelia Sachs, a street cop, to act as his eyes at each crime scene.

I read this book in record time for me and was captivated. Aug neffery, Rebecca McNutt rated it it was amazing Shelves: But, trying to prove his innocence starts to become hazardous to her own health when a hitman comes to town with her name on a contract In this book Rhyme is chasing a serial killer who actually is quite aware about who is chasing him and when it comes to the end of the story you will be dazzled by Deavers’ very ghe use of leaving false trails and plot twists.

Unica nota “dolente” il finale: Only Lincoln and the general idea of the story are carried over from the book to the movie. coplector

It may have been that I was so taken up in reading the book that I did not notice adult language. The pace of the novel is heart pounding fast for both the reader and characters. The Broken Window Details. At the start of the novel, Lincoln is considering suicide with the help of Dr. When Sellitto says that all he wants is for Rhyme to look over the case file and give them insight into what it all means, Rhyme finds himself drawn into reading it. The Cutting Edge Details.


I went for the shorter audio version. A man approaches you. This villain is intelligent and deliciously evil. The Bone Collector Details. And I loved that we got to see “the bone collector’s” Tue. This review was originally published at Judging Covers.

The Bone Collector

In this novel, Lincoln Rhymes in on a quest to have his own suicide assisted and we are privy to the characters mindset and internal struggle in getting jefery that point. Two men battle to rescue her.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Personally, I found this subplot to be fascinating and as equaling compelling as the main story line.

Lon Sellitto, just happens to breeze in, uninvited and unwelcome, minutes before Berger does, and talks Rhyme out of suicide and into spearheading the hunt for Unsubthe demonic cabbie whose fares often face nightmarish scenarios of neffery and death. The action was gripping and the suspense of the book was great.

The Bone Collector (novel) – Wikipedia

Again, this novel is superb. If there’s a trial Hopefully my enthusiastic review will make you want to read this book if you haven’t before, and if you have watched the film, I would still recommend reading the book as to me films just cant capture what a book can do! Amelia calls in the find and begins to secure the area by stopping a train passing through and stopping the traffic up above.