THE DOCTRINE OF ABSOLUTE. PREDESTINATION. JEROME ZANCHIUS. ( ). With. OBSERVATIONS ON THE DIVINE ATTRIBUTES,. NECESSARY. A terse statement concerning the doctrine of Predestination. Having considered the attributes of God as laid down in Scripture, and so far cleared our way to the doctrine of predestination, I shall, before I enter further on the.

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It is agreeable to the nature of the Highest Good to be absolutely free, and to dispense His goodness prevestination what methods and measures He pleases, according to the free determinations of His own will, guided by the wisdom of His mind and regulated by the holiness of His nature.

Yet so it must be if predestination is not true, and so it must be represented if predestination is not taught.

Nor is it inconsistent with Divine justice to withhold saving grace from some, seeing the grace of God is not what He owes to any. The Pelagians were for the first. And is it not highly rational as well as Scriptural, nay, is it not absolutely necessary to suppose that the fall was not contrary to the will and determination of God? Terms Explained Chapter 2: Therefore, those persons are not to be heard who would have the doctrine of election laid as it were asleep, and seldom or never make its appearance in the congregations of the faithful.

Neither are even the merits of Christ Himself to be considered as any way moving or exciting this good will of God to His elect, since the gift of Christ, to be their Mediator and Redeemer, is itself an effect of this free and eternal favour borne to them by God the Father John 3: The supreme end of this decree is the manifestation of His own infinitely glorious and amiably tremendous perfections; the inferior or subordinate end is the happiness and salvation of them who are thus freely elected.

Omnia necessario evenire scripturae docent; the doctrine of Scripture is, that all things come to pass necessarily.

The Doctrine of Absolute Predestination by Jerome Zanchius – Still Waters Revival Books

Another thing that sets this book apart and elevates its significance is the section on why predestination should be preached. So that elegant, accurate and learned Dutch divine, Laurentius: He who is for attaining the end without going to it through the means is a self-deluding enthusiast. In the salutary style of Reformed Christians of his time and since, Zanchius is a forthright expositor of a difficult doctrine that he sees nevertheless as beautiful and a striking witness to the sovereignty of God.


Were we truly wise, we should be implicitly submissive, and endure with willingness what we must endure, whether we be willing or not.

Zanchius follows in the footsteps of John Calvin in affirming the complete Sovereignty of God in all affairs of history and human experience.

How naturally from such premises does the apostle add, “Who shall lay anything to the charge of God’s elect? There is no end of cavilling at the Divine dispensations if men are disposed to do it.

The Doctrine Of Absolute Predestination

Now it is most evident that the Scripture doctrine of pre-determination is the clearest mirror wherein to see and contemplate these essential attributes of God. He need but slacken the reins of providential restraint and withhold the influence of saving grace, and apostate man will too soon, and too surely, absolutf his own accord, “fall by his iniquity” ; he will presently be, spiritually speaking, a felo de se, and, without any other predestniation, lay violent hands on his own soul.

Roman Catholicism, the Jesuits, Islam, etc. But nothing comes to pass much less can the condemnation of a rational creature but in consequence of the will and decree of God. Election is the golden thread that runs through the whole Christian system; it is absolte leaven that pervades the whole lump.

The Doctrine Of Absolute Predestination by Jerome Zanchius

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Without God, there could have been no creation; without creation, no creatures; without creatures, no sin.

If, indeed, the magistrate pleases to pity some of them and remit their penalty, we applaud his clemency, but the punishment of the rest is no impeachment of his mercy. Our Saviour Himself expressly, and in terminis, assures us that no man can come to Him except the Father draw him, and yet He says, “Come unto Me, all ye that labour,” etc.

So, such as their nature is, such are men themselves; God forms them out of such a nature.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Hence the justified may learn from the condemnation of the rest that that would have been their own punishment had not God’s free grace stepped in to their rescue.

Is there, then may an objector sayno such thing as contingency, no such thing as chance or fortune? Paul, likewise, might have some respect to the same amiable inference when treating of the saints collectively, for he uses those sweet and endearing expressions, “He hath chosen us,” absolufe hath predestinated us,” etc. Whether you marry or live single, you will still have something or other to molest you, nor does the whole course of man’s present sublunary life afford him a single draught of joy without a mixture of wormwood in the cup.


We distinguish between preterition, or bare non-election, which is a purely negative thing, and condemnation, or appointment to punishment: An ambassador is to deliver the whole message with which he is charged. But that God does indeed zqnchius know, to a man, who are, and are not the objects of His electing favour is evident from such Scriptures as these “Thou hast found grace in My sight, and I know thee by name” Exod. HAVING considered predestination as it regards all men in general, and briefly shown that by it some are appointed to wrath and others to obtain salvation by Jesus Christ 1Th 5: It is victory to yield ourselves to fate.

I found Zanchius to be an able spokesman of the period for the Reformed view.

jero,e Love, therefore, when attributed to Him, signifies- 1 His eternal benevolence, 1: Paul, discoursing of God, declares peremptorily, ‘Whom He will He hardeneth,’ and again, ‘God willing to show His wrath,’ etc. Fate’s supreme ordainer is not only the all-wise God, but an all-gracious Father. There are some who are chosen Mat The elect and truly pious are amended by the Spirit of God, and those of mankind who are not amended by Him will perish.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. It only demonstrates that without regeneration of the heart and purity of life, the elect zancbius are not led to heaven. All these texts are but as an handful to the harvest, and yet are both numerous and weighty enough to decide the point with any who pay the least deference to Scripture authority. But, so far was God from being indifferent in this matter, that there is nothing whatever about which He is so, for He worketh all things, without exception,” after the counsel of His own will” Eph 1: