Jonardon Ganeri presents an account of mind in which attention, not self, explains the experiential and normative situatedness of human beings in the world. I am Jonardon Ganeri, Professor of Philosophy, Arts and Humanities at NYU Abu Dhabi. I studied Mathematics at Cambridge, including an. Professor Jonardon Ganeri, Professorial Research Associate, Study of Religions, SOAS, University of London.

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It’s a complex and fascinating topic. Oxford University Press Publication Date: Readers may also want jobardon consult my essay “Philosophical Modernities: The book is based on courses I have taught and has been used successfully as a textbook for modules on Indian Philosophy within Philosophy curricula in the US and Britain.

What advice would you give a High School student who wants to major in Philosophy in the future? Anyone interested in learning about early modern Indian philosophy will have the best work I know of on the subject in their hands.

This is a question you can only answer for yourself see Descartes.

In the philosophical and non-philosophical writings of S. Reason, Identity, Dissent more.

About Donate Newsletter Facebook. Unlike other books, I focus on the arguments rather than on merely surveying doctrine. Thanks for this AMA! In short, he invented a whole logic of absence. This is a volume that deserves to be taken seriously ojnardon a broad readership in philosophy […] This volume is highly recommended to Western and to Indian philosophers.

Similar authors to follow

I believe that in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries a remarkable project began to take shape in the Sanskritic philosophical world. The Proper Work of Reason more. What is biggest difference jonarfon eastern and western philosophy? I advocate an expanded role for cross-cultural methodologies in philosophical research, together with enhanced cultural diversity in the philosophical curriculum.


The ease with which Ganeri manages to keep both audiences on board without sacrificing either philosophical sophistication, or distorting the nuances of the historical discussion by broad- brush generalizations found in less accomplished works on cross-cultural philosophical debates is nothing less than astonishing.

Can self-consciousness provide direct evidence for the existence of a self? This too is a power, just as surely as is the power to see or remember or reason. What advice would you give to graduate students in philosophy who want to be more interdisciplinary? Jonardon Ganeri presents a radically revised account of mind in which attention, not self, explains the experiential and normative situatedness of human beings in the world.

Professor Jonardon Ganeri FBA | Staff | SOAS University of London

When you receive the information, if you think any of it ganeeri wrong or out of date, you can ask us to change or delete it for johardon. Through a retrieval of theory from first millennial India, I have sought to show that Indian conceptions of the human subject have a richness and diversity that can enable modern thinkers to move beyond the traditional oscillation between materialism and dualism, an oscillation that has dominated and restricted philosophical understandings of human subjecthood.

Cambridge University Press Publication Date: Polycentricity and Early Modernity in India” Philosophy, And so consciousness can seem to pervade all mentality when actually it does not. Matilal’s, The Central Philosophy jomardon Jainism is a great place to start. I have read books by Matilal, which I have found astounding in their clarity and depth – Logic, language and reality,The Character of Logic and Perception.


Spiritual Exercises from the Buddha to Tagore more.

Professor Jonardon Ganeri FBA

I reject the Kantian view that a universal and impartial reason is called for. In ethics, a conception of persons as beings with a characteristic capacity for attention offers hope for resolution in the conflict between individualism and impersonalism. Illusions of Immortality more. Attention and Action 2.

They will find a thorough and jknardon discussion that at the same time introduces them to a stunning set of intellectual gems from India’s philosophical history.

The Nyaya holds that the self or soul is numerically individuated [one for every living being] and spatially ubiquitous.

Various applications in the areas of public and practical reason are explored. Provide feedback about this page.

Ebook This title is available as an ebook. I just want to expand my horizons into this tradition in a manner that has some connection to my formal studies!

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Available for download now. My research interests are in self, attention, consciousness, the epistemology of inquiry, the idea of philosophy as a