The main characters are Juno Boyle, Jack Boyle, Mary Boyle, Johnny Boyle and play that he is “struttin’ about the town like a paycock with Joxer, I suppose”. Juno and the Paycock:A Feministic Play. Juno and the Paycock: Jingois. Plot Summary. Themes and Issues. Plot. Writer’s Characteristics. Plays without Plots. Eva Wilden: Tragi-comedy in Sean O’Casey’s Juno and the Paycock. 2. Table of Contents. 1. In his formal analysis of Juno and the. Paycock Kosok put.

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When he believes himself to be a man of means we see him take on airs of grandeur. Juno and Mary decide to leave the tenement to make a new life for themselves and the baby. Despite this we see him ordering his hard-working wife around as if she were his inferior.

Boyle has to tell her and Johnny that there is no money – the will specified ‘first cousin’ rather than naming Boyle, and now ‘first cousins’ are appearing out of the woodwork. When Juno returns everything has been taken from their rooms.

Therefore, our first impression of him is that he appears untrustworthy and cannot be relied upon by his family or his friends.

Johnny, who has been sitting silently by the fire, immediately sees that the money might enable them to move somewhere else – somewhere they are not known. Johnny supports the republican cause and has already lost an arm in the fighting at O’Connell Street, during the Easter rising junp He is fearful of every knock at the door. He is called ‘Captain’ by his friends, but the nearest he has ever got to sailing is on the ferry to Liverpool. Johnny is left alone.



The creditors start to call. Mary Boyle has two suitors – Jerry Devine, a young manual worker with political ambitions, and Charles Bentham, a solicitor, who has news for the family – they have been left some money by the Captain’s cousin. The men in trench coats produce guns and make the workmen turn to the wall. The title “Captain” – which he seems to have given himself – is the product of self-importance. Idle Right from the opening scene, Captain Jack Boyle is portrayed as work-shy and idle.

He is fickle and nothing he says can be trusted.

Bentham is now an honoured guest in their home and officially engaged to Mary. Mrs Boyle manages to calm him. Don’t read on if you don’t want to know the ending! By the time a drunken Boyle and Joxer return to the stripped apartment, they have gone.

This aspect of his personality is reinforced as the play progresses. Despite it being breakfast time Boyle has not yet returned from a night of drinking with his friend Joxer.


Boyle is past caring. His self-involved nature means he is a bad father, husband and friend. We are introduced to the character of Jack Boyle before we meet him via his wife, Juno, at the opening of Act I.

Historical Analysis of Juno an the Paycock. by Matauka Mwanangombe on Prezi

Through the window comes the sound of hymn singing. The party becomes subdued again, but Boyle and Joxer set about raising everyone’s spirits.

Madigan appears with the news that two policemen are waiting downstairs – some poor fellow has been found shot. Boyle knows it is Johnny. Boyle and Johnny are furious that Mary has brought this shame upon the family, but Juno says all they have to do is move to somewhere they are not known, with the money they received from the legacy.

He refuses to put his family first and is even disloyal to Joxer when he thinks he is receiving money. Boyle thinks that Bentham has gone to England – leaving Mary pregnant. Her son’s body is being taken to the church. He has taken the easy way out and retreated into a world of alcohol-induced fantasy rather than being brave enough anr face his problems.