The latest addition to my website is Orhan Pamuk’s Kafamda bir tuhaflik (A Strangeness in My Mind). This is Pamuk’s labour of love, a hymn to. Kafamda Bir Tuhaflik hem bir ask hikiyesi hem de modern bir destan. Orhan Pamuk’un uzerinde alti yil calistigi roman, bozaci Mevlut ile uc yil ask mektuplari. A Strangeness in My Mind(Kafamda Bir Tuhaflik) (Chinese Edition) [Orhan Pamuk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Since his boyhood in.

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Now Parts 6 and 7 work as mini epilogues and is where we see a conclusion of Mevlut’s story in the book.

Orhan Pamuk: Kafamda bir tuhaflik (A Strangeness in My Mind) – The Modern Novel

Pamuk is not only the best kaamda Turkish writer to express the concept of huzun melancholy in his works but also the contemporary master of nostalgia in an international context. Mevlut himself comes to see his strolling of the streets of Istanbul, selling his antiquated wares, as a way to explore his own mind, and somehow resolve the strangeness: A house built on unregistered land could be knocked down by the authorities at any moment.

Parts 1 and 2 are two different days in the life of Mevlut when something important happened. But as Pamuk said in br interview: I liked Melvut and Rayiha, so I kept reading, all the while thinking that, yes, it is good; I am not loving it, but neither do I want to abandon it. His novel The New Lifeabout young university students influenced by a mysterious book, was published in Turkey in and became one of the most widely read books in Turkish literature.

Indeed it is the novel’s greatest strength that is is able to capture the diversity of its Istanbul and Turkey’s complex and multi-layered history, from the secularism of its state, the the religiosity of its citizens, who practice a relaxed form of Islam, where consumption kafada alcohol is not forbidden and sexual freedom is not such a taboo. Overall, a rich, satisfying read with much to think about.

He is an honest, decent man, who struggles to make a living at various jobs. A poor, down-trodden and fundamentally honest individual, it is Mevlut’s intrinsic ordinariness which imbues his narrative with such strength bri verve. But this strangeness also shields him from the tyranny of time and ambition.


Kafamda Bir Tuhaflık by Orhan Pamuk | World Literature Today

He always wonders what it is that separates him from everyone else – the source of that strangeness in his mind. Through the eyes of Mevlut, Istanbul grows exponentially, gorging itself on the lives and dreams of its residents, bloated and bilious, irascible yet whimsical and wondrous, Mevlut charts the metamorphoses of Istanbul, from a city filled with the febrile hopes of Turkish nationalism, to a city which synthesises modernity with antiquity; the minarets co-existing with the skyscrapers, the secularism of the state with the religiosity of its citizens.

I have read it and thought it a fine book. Mevlut comes from an Anatolian village when he is a boy to help his father sell yoghurt and boza, as well as to go to school.

Though not all are roughly treated, they all have difficult lives, made all the more difficult by living in an oppressive patriarchy and struggling at various time with grinding poverty and lack of proper reproductive healthcare. I wonder if some of this comes down to the translation. Perhaps not since Homer’s Odysseus has anyone longed for his home tujaflk as much feeling as Orhan Pamuk for an Istanbul that continually recedes into the past even as it advances into the future.

Your email address will not be published. Man Booker International Prize Longlist So Pamuk’s purpose isn’t so much the Dickensian saga that seems to be promised, but instead to continue the narrative quest cited by the Nobel committee: He makes no complaint and marries the woman and remains a good husband and good father to their two daughters.

Arrangements have been tuhafli for them to run away together. Kismet is a concept that plays a major role in the novel, as does the relationship between intention and action.

Orhan Pamuk: Kafamda bir tuhaflik (A Strangeness in My Mind)

The first two chapters are out of sequence – the first covers the night when Mevlut elopes with his wife Rayiha. The same year Pamuk tuhafkk to America, where he was a visiting scholar at Columbia University in New York from to This novel also has characteristics from Dickens’ realism and also from the picaresque novels of the 18th century.


Oct 21, Book Riot Community added it Shelves: By about halfway through A Strangeness I am reflecting on the aftertaste of A Strangeness in My Mindthinking that it’s probably a lot like boza: This novel like most of Pamuk’s novels, takes place in Istanbul; this time between That was why whenever he spoke to the walls, advertisements, shadows, and strange and mysterious shapes he couldn’t see in the night, tuhaflj always felt as if he were talking to himself.

During periods when the flow of unemployed and homeless immigrants to the city was particularly heavy, the price of these documents would rise, with the increasingly valuable plots quickly split up and parceled out, and the political influence of the councilman, needless to say, also climbing in proportion to the influx of migrants. While he appreciates the Ottoman and Greek monuments of Istanbul and the old customs and traditions of the city, he also understands the needs and aspirations of its growing population and the unique place that Istanbul occupies as the bridge between Europe and Asia.

It is witty and ironical.

Kafamda Bir Tuhaflik

View all 4 comments. Oct 22, Inderjit Sanghera rated it it was amazing.

A pleasure to read. Born in Istanbul inthe author knows the complex city better than anyone else writing today.

The novel was awarded both the Orhan Kemal and Milliyet literary prizes. Many thanks to Orhan Pamuk, Faber and Faber, and Netgalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review. I became tired of the idol-worship of women, but I found the women characters grew stronger as the novel went on, and I give Pamuk some leeway on this because I assume he’s describing life as it was in Istanbul in the s through to today rather than a more ideal, equal tuhaflm.

The same goes for the people he potrays.