This document concerns the E-blocks Keypad board code EB version 1. The order A simple 4×3 keyboard that allows data entry into bus based systems. Mar 30, The Grayhill series 96 keypad is 3×4 or 4×4 Keypad made that uses conductive rubber to . figures that are provided from its datasheet. Also. 4×3 matrix key keypad, Jameco Electronics, Part Number: Connections are made via a short segment of colored ribbon cable, pre-soldered to the.

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The playground is a publicly-editable wiki about Arduino. Board Setup and Configuration.

Keypad 3×4 Datasheet

Arduino on other Chips. Sources for Electronic Parts. Related Hardware and Initiatives.

This page last updated September 04,at The Keypad library allows your Arduino to read a matrix type keypad. They come in 3×4, 4×4 and various other configurations with words, letters and numbers written on the keys.


This library is capable of supporting all of those.

First you need to get a piece of paper and draw the right hand diagram as you see it below. I’ve already written my pin numbers 1,2,3 across the bottom and 7,6,5,4 down the right side which you datxsheet just leave off of your drawing.

Arduino Playground – KeypadTutorial

Next, you are going to use your Ohm meter dtaasheet find out which pins are connected to which keys. The first thing to do is count how many pins are on your keypad as seen in the photo below. The photo is showing 14 pins though not all of the pins are used.

Don’t worry, once you’ve completed this procedure you will know which pins are unused and can be ignored. You can pretty much connect your keypad to any pins you would like. Be careful not to use the serial pins 0 and 1 if you are using them for communication.


If key presses keypae to take a long time to show up then you are probably using long delay ‘s in your code. The same thing can happen if you use too many small delay s like delay Make sure you understand the pin mappings and have the keypad wired up to match.

The library supports user defined pins and keymaps so it should not be necessary to change the library.

Keypav may also have to exit and restart the Arduino IDE software for it to recognize any new files in your library’s folder. For more info pleae look at this Forum Post. Identifying the keypad pins Notes on using the library Example Troubleshooting Modifying the library What is it?

Download latest This includes four example sketches.