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Lemongrass is also potent to cope with type 2 diabetes, cancer and prevent obesity obesity. Simpan resit untuk rujukkan anda dimasa hadapan.

Rebus dengan dicampur sedikit garam dan gula merah. Kandungan antioksidan ramuan serai juga kasiat menjaga kestabilan tingkat kolesterol, kesehatan selular, system saraf, menyehatkan kulit dan imun sistem kekebalan tubuh. Every grams of lemon grass contains antioxidants that are efficacious to prevent cancer.

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Detoxification Boil 70 grg lemongrass into cc water, then drink the boiled water in the morning before consuming other foods and beverages. The antioxidant content of lemongrass herb can also keep the stability of cholesterol level, cellular health, nervous system, healthy skin and immune immune system.

We will NOT accept returns of items with obvious signs of use.

Drink warmly three quarters of a glass, 2 x 1 day. Other uses of the substance is to help reduce respiratory problems, fever, pain, infections, rheumatism, insomnia and edema.


Delivery costs of any return will be borne by you. Contact Seller to buy this. Then drink the water at the time of warm with regular 1 day 1 glass or 2 glasses. After the water swrai reduced and fragrant, mix the brown sugar completely and chill. Serau untuk detoksifikasi lewat penambahan jumlah buang air kecil. Tumbuhan jenis rumput ini suka pada air, subur jika ditanam di tepi sungai atau halaman belakang rumah yang berair.


Minum hangat-hangat tiga perempat gelas, 2 x 1 hari. Various serxi of Lemongrass: Product to return or exchange: Detoksifikasi Rebus 70 gr serai ke dalam air cc, lalu minum air rebusan itu pada pagi hari sebelum mengkonsumsi makanan dan minuman lain.

Kami sudah upvote yaa. Wait 1 hour before eating another meal.


Order pays on Friday, the seller will then process on the next working day which is Monday. Serai sources of absolute vitamins such as vitamin A, B1 thiamineB2 riboflavinB3 niacin B5 pantothenic acidB6, folate, and vitamin C. If wrong items or defective items being delivered, we will gladly accept returns of packages on the following conditions: Memperlancar Haid Memarkan 2 batang serai, rebus dengan dua gelas air.

Estimated arrival time depends on the following factors: Dilihat dari kandungannya, serai ternyata sumber nutrisi aromatik penting yang berkhasiat untuk kesehatan.

Often consumed both as a spice or beverage wedang, as a body warmer. If you do not receive the order, please obtain your shipping tracking code from us.

Another effect, lemon grass can inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. Deadly Cancer Cells Through a research on know lemon juice for various types of cancer without khaslat normal body cells.

Riset membuktikan antikanker serai dapat membantu pencegahan kanker kulit, termasuk menjaga kesehatannya. Not a few properties of lemongrass for health, because it contains antimicrobial substances; antibacterial that serves to khasiatt the infection of the stomach, intestines, bladder channels, and wounds.


Serai juga dipakai dalam aromaterapi, dampak psikologinya bisa mengurangi kecemasan, kelelahan dan menjadikan aroma tubuh lebih segar. In addition, lemongrass is also used as a reliever of seizures, antireumatik, and diuretic.

Such factors are certainly really useful for all digestive organs such as liver, pancreas, kidneys, and bladder clean and healthy due to various toxins excluded. Lemongrass is easily obtainable in the yard of the house or in the market.

Karenanya serai dapat memperkuat jaringan kulit, mengencangkan pori-pori dan mensterilkan.

Refunds generally take 7 khasia, however may take up to 14 days to complete during peak times. Setiap gram serai mengandung zat antioksidan yang berkhasiat untuk mencegah kanker. In addition to the fragrant aroma, shredded lemongrass delights, especially in the rainy season. Avoiding Cancer Boil gr lemon grass with 2 glasses of water. Drinking wedang lemongrass afternoons can warm and nourish the body. Judging from the content, lemongrass is an important source of aromatic nutrients that are useful for health.

This type of grass plants like the water, fertile if planted on the riverbank or backyard home watery. Lemongrass for detoxification by increasing the amount of urination.