AMD: AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2. ACCESSORY. Mounting Screws, Metal Assembly Clips, Rubber. Washers, Thermal Grease, Installation Guide. Package . SCYTHE Kozuti CPU Cooler. Price:$ MANUAL DOWNLOARD(MB). Heatsink Dimensions: x x 40 mm. Weight: g. Model Name: Kozuti. The Kozuti stands just 40mm tall which makes it an ideal CPU cooler where space is limited. Scythe have Accessory, Installation Guide and Thermal Grease.

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It features three copper heatpipes, 57 aluminum fins, and stands just 40 mm tall. It’s not quite 1U heatsink size 29 mmbut perfect for most low profile cases.

Press Release

Although the Kozuti achieves solid performance at the cost of high fan speeds and corresponding kozutti levels, it can manuao run very quietly at idle thanks to a wide RPM range. As you can see from the presence of bolts and rubber washers, a hard-mounting system is used for both Intel and AMD installations. This is conveniently the same height as the stock heatsinks that ship with the bulk of Intel’s current processor lineup Intel chips are more common for these types of builds due to their superb energy efficiency.

Keeping a modern processor cool in a tightly confined space with an adequately low noise level is no small feat.

Scythe Kozuti

The latter shouldn’t be hard as stock cooling units are their well-known for being lousy when it comes to noise. Very quiet 4-pin PWM fan, kozuuti only 8.

The basket depends on cookies and is enhanced by JavaScript. Easy Installation with Screw Easy and safe installation with screws instead of using a backplate.

The Kozuti will attempt to repeat this result but on a smaller scale. A puny 80 mm fan with an anemic thickness of just 10 mm strategically placed under the fins blowing air directly over the base, rather than through the fins. Bolts go through the back of the motherboard to secure the heatsink, though no backplate is included as the heatsink’s low weigh presents no risk to the PCB.


There manuwl some evidence that this can work as the Noctua NH-C14 performed similarly with one fan whether it was above or below the main fin-stack. Most mini-ITX cases are sleek and slim, presenting a tricky problem for users, particularly those who prefer whisper quiet machines. Larger variants like the Apex MI are also popular, packing an SFX power supply directly over the top half of the board with around 46 mm of clearance. Specifications Kozuti Model No.

The Kozuti is built in the same mold as the Shuriken and Big Shuriken but with smaller dimensions. Your Basket Please ensure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled. Cooling Viewing page 1 maanual 6 pages.

Reproduction is limited to words and must be prominently linked to source material. Easily mounted onto main board. Options kpzuti new office pc. Please ensure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled. I’d recommend stumping up the extra kozzuti the slightly smaller Noctua NH-L9i which I also use in another machine in preference to this item provided that it meets your heat dissipation requirements. The Kozuti ships with the necessary mounting hardware, a packet of thermal grease and a simple paper instruction manual.

Kozuti: CPU Kühler, Lüfter, Lüftersteuerung von Scythe

If you have seen an error on this page, please let us know. Options for new office pc Re: SPCR is optimized for viewing at x screen size. Features Low profile cooler, only 40mm tall! If space is limited and you need a quiet, low profile CPU cooler then the Kozuti could be it! Turning the cooler through 90 degrees may eliminate the problem but I have not checked and clearance will still be very tight.

Key Features from the product web page. At grams, the heatsink isn’t heavy enough to bend the motherboard PCB so a backplate isn’t necessary.


Colocation Oozuti Hosting by Binary Environments. This obviously reduces the height of the cooler but does not affect its performance. Equipped with new 80 x 10 mm fan, operating within the range of to rpm, dependent on load. The Scythe Kozuti is the first candidate we’ve seen that might have the capability of beating one of these low profile stock coolers while generating better acoustics.

All logos and trademarks in this site are property maunal their respective owners. Far better warranty too. To generate airflow, Scythe have opted for a PWM manial x 80 x 10mm fan, which also contributes to keeping down the height of the cooler. The Kozuti stands just 40mm tall which makes it an ideal CPU cooler where space is limited.

Scythe have achieved this low height by placing the fan underneath the heatsink fins instead of on the top.

Comments in forums are property of their posters. Great and friendly service; I needed some changes on my order and they helped without fuss and with much patience and professionalism.

All prices exclude import tax. Placing the fan underneath the main fin-stack saves space and allows direct airflow over the CPU socket. This fan is very quiet and cools well within the context that I use it for i3 T: There are a few enthusiast class mini-ITX cases with room for high power graphics cards and bulky CPU heatsinks, koozuti they’re pricey and bigger than many may deem necessary. May not be an issue when using plain RAM without the casing – haven’t verified this either way.