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It features 4 extending outriggers, six-wheel steering, and a fake 6-cylinder engine. An electric RC motor operates the crane winch and expansion, and two pneumatic cylinders lifts the boom. The stickers on mine was worn, but they don’t make a big difference when building this set.

Yellow is still yellow. Rather than having them named book 1 and 2, they have greyed out the part that’s not present in each book.

I have not seen this in any other set, and it indicates that you could build whichever module you want first. The instructions are a whooping pages long, containing steps. That makes for an average parts-per-step ratio of In comparison, the has steps for its pieces, giving a ratio of 3 pieces. I consider myself an experienced Technic builder, but this behemoth took me a solid day to complete. That of course includes taking pictures and so forth, but still It also took me 4 hours to disassemble for this review: The special parts, containing motor, battery box, pneumatic cylinderspump and switch.

There is also some strings with 1 stud on each end, which will be used to extend the boom. Next is making some wheelbases.

These three are going to be placed in turn later on. Four out of five axles are steered in this model. The middle axle holds the differential which will power the engine. This is the only mobile crane I know of which have a differential. Rear set of outriggers are placed, along with an extension of the HOG axle.

This is the final lenght of the crane truck. The colour separation in the instructions are excellent. The crane base requires some reinforcement 88421 cope with all the weight of the crane itself.

Some thin liftarms on each side ensures that it will not break. To elevate the boom, two pneumatic cylinders are attached, giving a total stroke of 8 studs. Two pneumatic hoses are joined pego simultaneously apply pressure to both. The winch axle has a clutch gear on it to prevent the motor from stalling.

It also prevents this crane from lifting anything weighing more than a few grams. The base of the turntable 84211 of beams and “Pin Connector Perpendicular 3L with 4 Pins”, and is locked by some 15L beams. You can see how the winch line will go through the two perpendicular axle and pin connectors. Seconddary boom is then inserted legl the primary, and the studded string is attached to two “Plate 1 x 5 with Smooth Ends, 4 Studs and Center Axle Hole”s.


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Two “Black Plate, Modified 2 x 2 with Pin Hole” are placed, and fastened with two yellow 9 beams to keep the boom from prying apart under pressure. I think this is a great model, with lots of functions and parts. At the current price BrickLink it’s not exactly a bargain, but a considerable better model then the Mobile Crane.

The pneumatic lifting of the boom is original, but doesn’t work as well as you’d suspect, as the air leaks lowers the boom over the cause of a few minutes.

At least on mine. The 4821 steering is really smooth for the size of the model, it almost seems weightless. The inclusion of a fake engine is a nice plus.

I’ll give it an overall score of 8.

LEGO SET 8421-1 – Mobile Crane

If you liked the review, give me some feedback, otherwise, vote on the poll. Lsgo voted Very Good. It’s a great set, and one of the few sets of the last decade that contained some studded parts. Which, in my opinion, is a big advantage. However, despite it being much bigger thanI actually prefer the older crane.

8412 The has better outriggers, but also a gear-driven turntable. For it’s size, I think the manual turning was a disappointment. I haven’t recieved the yet, but I expect it to be better than this. It was probably re-released 2 times for a reason. Here, I always use a standard 24T gear instead; this makes the crane kego to lift much heavier weight. In addition, I add in pneumatic tubes to close off the circuit the set already comes with an extra t-pieceto smoothen the descent of the crane arm.

Great Crane, the only issue I have is the string is too thick and keeps catch when wound up. I have been trying other strings to get a better elgo. I see you used the original one, is that all the time or just for the review?

Mobile Crane | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

In a lot of ways, this is actually kind of similar to the Unimog. Definitely one of the best ever Technic sets. I’ve not replaced the string. If I apply a lot of force to the string, it winds up well enough. I saw another thread for buying bead string to use with lego contraptions, but I didn’t buy any. Maybe in the future I will lwgo the string on all my sets.

Very, very good and thorough. Is that the one you throw it off when to disassemble sets? Mina actually accidentally fell out of 841 attic. It landed 3m down and was still mostly OK: Jurgens Zorex is in there too Mine are a bit more organized, bad part is I spend as much time taking them apart and putting the parts way as I do building them. The addvantage is next time I build something al the parts are right there ready to be used. That’s just the models I have made up that I am slowly taking apart as I need parts.


I have many parts sorted into compartment’s I made a small montage of the set using Technic figs. This sure has lots of playing features. It’s enough to keep 14 Technic figs occupied.

The engine has broken down so they can’t lower the boom. Sorry for bumping an old topic, I thought it would be better to ask here, rather than create new topic. Legoo would love to get some re-created.

Buying overpriced original one is not an option – it would crack and peel again. I’m not looking to acquire aftermarket sticker as well not worth. So I wonder leog anyone has a better sticker scan than the one available on BrickOwl? I voted very good, It’s the set that brought me out of my ‘dark leego.

I only dissassembled it again when the came out. You need to be a 84421 in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? So, how would YOU rate this ldgo Posted September 1, edited. In comparison, the has steps for its pieces, giving a ratio of 3 pieces per step. I guess the kids have gotten dumber with time.

S Let’s take a look at the parts The RC motor 4821 able to drive two axles at the same time. Okay, let’s start building, the chassis is first, comprised of liftarms and pins.

This is the chassis at step 8.

Pictorial Review: Mobile Crane – LEGO Technic and Model Team – Eurobricks Forums

And this at step A little gear rack for the back axle. Held in place by another double-bent lefo. These gears will control steering and outriggers from the back of the truck. Here it is in place: Another gear rack is made to extend the driveshaft and steering rack. Placed here along with the second steered axle. Two double-bent liftarms keeps the axle in place. Another gear rack to extend the steering to the first axle.