Editorial Reviews. Review. This is the first of E. E. “Doc” Smith’s six Lensman books, and although it isn’t as fast-paced as later Lensman novels. Triplanetary (The Lensman Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by E. E. Smith. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. This is the first of E. E. “Doc” Smith’s six Lensman books, and although it isn’t as fast-paced as later Lensman novels, it sets the stage for what is perhaps the.

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Triplanetary 1 3 Sep 05, There was enough action and suspense to keep me reading and I’ll probably check out the next in the series but rriplanetary won’t be for a while. Refresh and try again.

Most of Gray Roger’s crew look outwardly identical to people, but given the setting’s lack of processing power, they’re effectively remote-controlled puppets. The main characters may appear as this to some readers since they tend to be good at nearly everything in the story.

The Arisians defy this on numerous occasions, repeatedly stating that good and evil are ultimately relative, and the Arisians and the races of Civilization recognize that different races will have Blue and Orange Morality. The hysterical woman, the “manly” men, the constant psychedelic llensman – it was simply too much for this reader. When one runs the numbers for the starship Dauntlessone learns that its power system can generate six times the solar insolation experienced by Earth.


Triplanetary (Lensman, #1) by E.E. “Doc” Smith

Tobacco is never once maligned in the series. No, not ever, I’m afraid. Particularly Nadreck of Palainalthough his entire race’s moral philosophy differs radically from that of humans. The Lensman Nadreck, a Palainian who lives partly in another dimension and who “fights” by mind raping his enemies into submission. If you can’t keep your underlings from killing you and taking your job, you clearly weren’t doing that well at it in the first place.

Triplanetary (Lensman, book 1) by E E ‘Doc’ Smith

In this story Virgil Samms and Roderick Kinnison, important members of the two breeding lines, are introduced.

Triplxnetary both sides of the war. This isn’t done very successfully, especially in the first few where it all seems very tacked on.

Westminster, Tirplanetary and Baltimore: He comes up with the ingenious idea of letting two galaxies collide with each other. Smith took an early short novel, fromwhich provides the cover title, dusted it off, revised it to serve as Book Three, and fitted it with preludes in the form of Book One “Dawn” and Book Two “The World War”each of which contained three short stories.

Also, in the Lensman universe, convergent evolution is a scientific fact: I understand that this is important in the sci-fi canon, and that it was a precursor to many other sci-fi developments. One genetic line lenman surnamed “Kinnison” or some close variation. The first half was stapled on in as a sort of prequel to the Lensman novels. Because of its place as a classic on many sci-fi lists and its significance as an early sci-fi read and the first space opera, it gets an extra star and winds up with 2 instead of 1.



The other line is distinguished by having “red-bronze-auburn hair” and unusually colored “gold-flecked, tawny eyes”.

It’s the tractor beams and blaster fire that are important.

It’s a great, fun series, but only if taken in the context of its time – the leadup to World War II, and a time with very different values than we enjoy today.

It was a surprise. I miss heroes who were just heroes. I’ve been meaning to re-read them all for some time, but perhaps they should be left in the past, infused with the fond glow of childhood discovery, remnant of a mythical time without cynicism and postmodernism, when we could ignore the complexities of the real world and pretend that all problems could be solved if people would just accept that granite jawed white men were always right.

Even gentle Clarrissa has done this on occasion. Doc Smith’s dreadful space opera series.

Tropes H – P. They don’t have a key.

The characters here aren’t deep – they’re staunch and loyal, and they always do the right thing. Yes, the characters are a bit “stock”, but the plotting is extraordinarily imaginative, the writing style fluid and propulsive.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The pacing is lightning quick, the action unrelenting.