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Mount. Contact #. Contact Type. AMPS. Termination. M/1-YY. (see Table 2 below). Plug. Cable. 4. Socket. Turret. M/2-YY. Receptacle. Panel. 4. M/ Amphenol PCD, Inc. PCD M/ MW20F(M)AXX (M/4-XX). MW10M(M)AXX (M/3-XX). *. 4 Pin Power Connector. 5. MW20M(M)AXX (M/2-XX). Receptacle Connector.

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MW-Series panel-mount receptacles are available with 4,9, or 18 contacts in QPL and filtered configurations. Filtered receptacles utilize planar capacitors to enable high-density designs that survive the shock and vibration of repeated field deployments. Rugged plug designs feature aluminum-alloy bodies with heat-treated-steel nosepieces.

Finish options include cadmium with olive-drab chromate plating and RoHS compliant, electroless nickel with black-trivalent chromate. Adaptor-series plugs incorporate similar design features as QPL plugs and utilize cable-mounting adaptors that simplify cable-shielding terminations.

Three cable adaptors are available with inside diameters up to 0. These MIL-DTL compatible connectors incorporate a straight-backshell design that is suitable for in-line and panel-mount military applications. Plugs k55181 receptacles are available in 4, 9, or 18 pin or socket configurations.


The stacking connector enables power splitting without the use of Y cables by incorporating plug contacts on the front mating surface and receptacle contacts on the rear mating surface. The stacking connector plug contacts are mated to the battery pictured to the left.

Internal contacts provide electrical continuity between the plug contacts, attached cable, and receptacle contacts that are mated to the QPL connector stacked on top of it. The MPAU body incorporates a cable adaptor and a receptacle to facilitate power splitting from a plug that connects to the power source. Dual header receptacles provide two sets of receptacle contacts that share power from a single cable.

M/ WireMasters, Inc.

Dual-entry connectors incorporate a single-plug body that distributes power to two cables. This page brochure contains detailed information for a comprehensive range of connectivity solutions in form factors ranging from latest generation to legacy.

Innovations include solutions that enable power splitting without the use of Y cables. Voltage drops for mated four-contact connectors less than 20mV at 35 amps; 9 and 18 contact models less than 25mV at 7.


Amphenol PCD – M/ – Backshells – PANEL MOUNT RECEPTACLE 4 PIN CONTACT – CDM Electronics

Rugged design features include heat treated, alloy-steel nosepieces and gold over nickel contact platings. For more information, call or select one of the following links: Product Details QPL and filtered panel-mount receptacles.

Cable Mounted Power Splitters with two sets of receptacle contacts. Dual entry Plugs split power to two cables.